Episode #102
Making something that you believe in

To find a purpose in life, or a reason for living, you’ve got to make something that you believe in.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Action Decisive Move by Komiku
  2. This or That by MindsEye
  3. good looking instrumental by Yshwa

Line-by-line notes

  1. As designers and creators
  2. We make things every day
  3. Design, artwork, videos, podcasts, writing, anything
  4. Whatever creative pursuit we follow
  5. Whatever our medium is
  6. It’s 10 times more powerful
  7. 100 times more powerful
  8. If what you’re making, you believe in.
  9. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  10. When I started this podcast
  11. On January 1st 2017
  12. I started it for the wrong reasons
  13. I’d long since wanted to make a podcast
  14. As I’ve been interested in the medium for a long time
  15. But I chose the wrong style of podcast to make
  16. I was making a podcast because I wanted to market my business
  17. I wanted to market myself
  18. And I wanted to increase my profile in the marketing world
  19. But, that was wrong on so many levels
  20. Because I’d set my podcast up to talk about design, marketing and business
  21. I mainly focused on marketing and business
  22. As I knew that was what most of my clients would find most useful…
  23. For me to give information about
  24. I had a massive problem though
  25. It was a huge elephant in the room that I chose to ignore
  26. That all this marketing and business talk
  27. Just wasn’t me
  28. And I didn’t believe in it
  29. I’m a designer at heart, and I love, eat and breathe design
  30. I’m interested in other stuff too like human performance
  31. And psychology
  32. But none of that straight forward business stuff I really believed in
  33. Or was interested by
  34. Straight out of the blocks, my podcast was doomed from episode one
  35. There was no way I was ever going to make a success of something I didn’t believe in
  36. Some people might categorise success by the download numbers, and they were strong and getting stronger
  37. But I didn’t feel successful, I felt trapped in something I didn’t enjoy
  38. I didn’t believe in my podcast, or my content
  39. And I didn’t have the passion or drive to carry it on
  40. I figured it out late in the game that I needed to make something that I WANTED to make
  41. Not what I thought would make me successful, whatever that even means
  42. I was making something that I didn’t really dare share on my personal Facebook timeline
  43. Because I knew most of my friends wouldn’t enjoy it
  44. And I never listened back to any of my episodes after I’d produced them
  45. Because I didn’t enjoy listening back to them either
  46. Everything was wrong
  47. Just, so wrong
  48. Now, looking back at it, I can’t believe how stupid or tunnel visioned I’d become with it
  49. But hindsight always has perfect vision
  50. With my new style of podcast? I guess it’s not so new now…
  51. It might sound a bit weird, but I actually enjoy listening back to my episodes now
  52. I make something that I enjoy producing, and that I enjoy listening to
  53. I make something that I think is good, and I make it for myself and nobody else
  54. I make it because I enjoy making things, and because of that, I’m always trying to make it better
  55. I make a product that I believe in 100%, and I believe you should be doing the same too
  56. After all, what is success, really?
  57. What does success really mean?
  58. Lots of people like to categorise success as fancy cars
  59. And big houses
  60. But as a creator, and a maker
  61. I categorise success as making stuff that I believe in
  62. That I can look back at
  63. And think:
  64. Yeah, that was pretty good actually.
  65. This was Ask a Designer Anything. I’m Craig Burgess.
  66. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Action Decisive Move by Komiku
    2. This or That by MindsEye
    3. good looking instrumental by Yshwa
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  68. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything

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