Episode #103
Things change

Things change, and you’ve got to make sure you change with them.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Beaches by Alex Vaan
  2. Someone Else’s Memories by Revolution Void
  3. Warm Up Suit by Broke For Free

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. A few months ago
  3. I went to a restaurant
  4. I’ve been to other restaurants since, but I remember this one vividly
  5. We sat down to eat food
  6. Tapas food actually
  7. And there was a group of 18-20 year olds sat down in a group
  8. They were all communicating through their phones
  9. But to each other
  10. And occasionally, one of them showed the other their phone
  11. They were all talking to each other
  12. But they were communicating with each other in a way I didn’t recognise
  13. Communication is changing
  14. Or you could say
  15. It’s already changed
  16. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  18. Every couple of years
  19. A new form of technology comes around
  20. That people start outrageously claiming it’ll be the death of something
  21. The radio
  22. The TV
  23. The compact disc player
  24. The mini disk player
  25. The iPod
  26. The iPhone
  27. And now, the internet
  28. The internet has changed our consumption habits FOREVER
  29. The internet has changed our attention spans forever
  30. And the internet has changed how we communicate forever
  31. Everybody in any kind of media position are struggling to understand it too
  32. TV execs are struggling to catch up with it
  33. Traditional marketers are struggling to catch up
  34. We all talk about the golden days of communication
  35. When we all sat down and talked to each other
  36. And young people could actually talk to people
  37. And we all lived in this nice bubble of talking to each other all of the time
  38. The truth is, that golden age never existed
  39. Teenagers have never been able to talk to each other
  40. But it can’t be denied that the communication methods have changed
  41. Things like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram and everything else
  42. Has changed the way we communicate and keep in touch with our friends
  43. We’re often constantly in contact with our “friends” now
  44. We’re light touch with lots of people
  45. Noseying about their perfect side of their lives they showcase on social media
  46. And staying friends with all our high school enemies on Facebook
  47. Just to see how rubbish their lives are
  48. The point I’m getting to
  49. Is things have changed
  50. And every day, especially on the internet
  51. Things change again, and faster than last time
  52. Change happens every day
  53. An we need to learn to embrace it, and not fight it
  54. Not talk about the good old days that were worse than now
  55. And not misremember a golden age that never existed
  56. We need to appreciate that things change
  57. And just because things aren’t how you remembered them
  58. It doesn’t make them any less valid, or wrong in some way
  59. It’s just new
  60. You change every day too
  61. And if you want to hold on to the past
  62. And stay the same as you’ve always been
  63. That’s got a name too
  64. It’s called stagnating
  65. OUTRO 
  66. This was AADA. I’m Craig Burgess.
  67. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Beaches by Alex Vaan
    2. Someone Else’s Memories by Revolution Void
    3. Warm Up Suit by Broke For Free
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  69. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of AADA

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