Episode #104
A Lifetime of Learning

What’s that one thing that turns a bad designer into a good one?

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  1. No More Truth by ROZKOL
  2. Sacred Motion by staRpauSe
  3. End of the Line by H-LR

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. When you talk about what separates a great designer from a bad one
  3. There’s lots of things that tend to come up
  4. Passion
  5. Intelligence
  6. Talent
  7. Location
  8. Desire
  9. But the biggest thing I think
  10. And one that some people don’t appreciate
  11. Is learning
  12. And committing to a lifetime of learning
  13. This is AADA and I’m Craig Burgess
  15. Being a designer isn’t easy
  16. It’s so important to keep up with so many things, and lots of these change A LOT
  17. You’ve got to keep up with culture, to make sure the work you’re doing is relevant
  18. You’ve got to keep up with the news and current events, to make sure you can ground your work in reality
  19. And you’ve got to keep up with trends
  20. Trends can be one the hardest to keep up with, and one of the most time consuming
  21. Because trends are fickle
  22. I’m not saying that designers should make trendy design
  23. I’m the last person on earth to suggest that
  24. But it’s important to understand current trends
  25. To either implement them in your work
  26. Or completely avoid them
  27. So you can make your work look timeless but not old fashioned
  28. There’s something else though that’s really important to a designer
  29. And that’s technology
  30. Technology changes so quickly
  31. And designers need to keep up with it
  32. It’s revolutionised and some may say democratised the world of design once before
  33. With the introduction of the Macintosh
  34. And I think we’re currently experiencing a similar thing again
  35. With the rise of tablet devices
  36. And the potential that a tablet device opens up for all kinds of design work
  37. And rapid prototyping, just all sorts
  38. But to make sure we keep up with all this stuff
  39. We have to make sure we’re always learning
  40. In another way, you could call it curiosity
  41. Curiosity feeds a lot into this
  42. And to be an amazing designer
  43. Curiosity is really important
  44. The best designers I know are perpetually curious about the world they live in
  45. They don’t take anything at face value
  46. They don’t see a news story and think that’s the full story
  47. I think this is a thing of—and as much as I hate to say the term—being in marketing
  48. Because we’re used to working for companies and—let’s face it—manipulating the public image of companies
  49. We know and understand how easy it is to manipulate the public image of everything
  50. That leads most designers to be generally cynical of most things they see
  51. And that leads them to being curious to find out the truth
  52. Also, when designers see a new style of work or a new website or a new thing they’ve never seen before
  53. They want to know how to create it, and replicate it
  54. Staying curious is so important, because if you don’t, you fall behind, and slowly become a worse designer
  55. A designer’s journey is one that never ends
  56. Because a designer is always trying to improve
  57. And a designer is always trying to fill up their bank of ideas, and inspiration, and ways to solve problems
  58. Part of a designer’s curiosity and passion for learning
  59. Comes from this
  60. They know they need to keep seeking, keep learning, and keep wondering how things work
  61. Because it’ll make them a better designer.
  62. If you as a designer stay the same as the day you came out of college
  63. Over the years, you’ll just slowly shrivel up and die as a designer
  64. Staying curious
  65. And committing to a lifetime of learning
  66. Is the only way to stay relevant
  67. OUTRO 
  68. This was AADA. I’m Craig Burgess.
  69. Music featured in this episode was
    1. No More Truth by ROZKOL
    2. Sacred Motion by star pause
    3. End of the Line by H-LR
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  71. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of AADA

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