Episode #106
Never Stop

Never stop. It’s the only way to get better.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Sofia 30 by Nuno Adelaida
  2. Internally Grateful (feat. Josh Büche & Jonee Whatley) by Captive Portal
  3. The Pet by Sebon

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. You’ve probably heard of Jerry Seinfeld before
  3. If not though, he’s an actor, comedian, and a writer
  4. He made the sitcom Seinfeld, with Larry David
  5. The reason I mention him
  6. Is because he once told his method for becoming a better comedian
  7. It was simple really
  8. Write something every single day
  9. And write a cross on a calander for every day you do it
  10. You’ve got one goal
  11. Don’t break the chain
  12. And never stop
  13. This is Ask a Designer Anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  15. I absolutely adore Seinfeld idea
  16. And it’s something I’ve long since subscribed to myself
  17. I’m not as prescriptive as seinfeld
  18. I don’t do something every day
  19. Unless I’m doing a silly 365 day challenge that is
  20. But the idea of doing things regularly for yourself in your spare time is something I’m mega passionate about
  21. You’ve probably noticed
  22. It’s a running theme through my podcasts
  23. Because I think, especially for designers, designing something every day is a really easy way to get better without even trying
  24. When I look back at my first ever 365 day challenge
  25. When I designed a poster a day for 365 days
  26. I did it because I wanted to get better at making vector graphics and using illustrator
  27. It automatically worked, because of the volume of work I was producing
  28. The same idea applies to these podcasts
  29. Because I’m making one every day
  30. I’m automatically getting better at audio production, writing scripts, talking into a mic, reading scripts, the list goes on
  31. This is the very thing Seinfeld was getting at
  32. Just by writing every day, he got a little bit better every day
  33. By the end of 365 days, he was a lot better
  34. The reason most peope don’t do this
  35. Is 2 reasons
  36. 1, it’s hard to stay consistent and to not just come home from work and watch TV
  37. And 2, most people don’t like making rubbish stuff
  38. Because when you’re never stopping, and making something every day, most of what you make will be rubbish
  39. And that’s part of the reason for doing it too, to start to accept that sometimes your ideas aren’t good, but you have to try them anyway
  40. It stops self limiting beliefs
  41. This is why Michael Beirut promotes this idea too, in a smaller way, for the students he teaches at university
  42. He gets students to perform a design operation every day for 100 days
  43. One that you can complete every day so you don’t give up
  44. It teaches you to work faster
  45. It teaches you to come up with ideas faster
  46. And it teaches you to never stop
  47. If I could get every design student in the world to make something every day for 365 days
  48. I would
  49. Because I know from personal experience that they’ll be so much better of a designer when they’re finished
  50. Even Gary Vaynerchuk talks about a similar concept
  51. Of never stopping, and doing something every day
  52. So, there’s 3 successful people here who have all discovered something that definitely works to make you a better designer
  53. Jerry Seinfeld, a very successful comedian
  54. Michael Beirut, a very successful designer
  55. And Gary Vaynerchuk, a very successful businessman
  56. Do I need to carry on?
  57. Is that enough convincing for you to wake up tomorrow and start plotting your 365 day challenge?
  58. The concept of never stopping is so simple
  59. And so powerful at the same time
  60. But it’s a concept and ideology that so few people bother to even attempt
  61. If you want to be the best in the world
  62. A genuine world beater at your craft
  63. You need to work
  64. And work hard
  65. So if that’s you
  66. Prove it
  67. And start now
  68. And never stop again
  69. OUTRO 
  70. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  71. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Sofia 30 by Nuno Adelaida
    2. Internally Grateful (feat. Josh Büche & Jonee Whatley) by Captive Portal
    3. The Pet by Sebon
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  73. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything

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