Episode #107
The Perfectionist’s Illusion

Is striving for perfection actually a good thing, or is it a fool’s game?

Music and links from this episode

  1. Dark Hearted by White Visor
  2. The queen rat. by Coin Locker Kid
  3. We Waste Time by Ugh God

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. Hi
  3. My name’s Craig
  4. And I’ve got a problem
  5. It’s a problem that plagues in my professional life
  6. And my every day life
  7. Every time I try and do something
  8. This problem rears it’s head
  9. Over and over
  10. It gnaws at my psyche
  11. And grinds at my creations
  12. My problem is perfection
  13. Or rather, the relentless pursuit of it
  14. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  16. I can hear you laughing
  17. I sound like those people in job interviews
  18. Who admit their biggest weakness is being a perfectionist
  19. That perfection, or striving to be perfect
  20. Is not a problem at all
  21. It doesn’t do you any harm
  22. Or cause you any ill will
  23. But that’s just not true
  24. As anybody will tell you in the creative game
  25. Striving for perfection is the fastest way to ruin
  26. Or the slowest way, depending on how you look at it
  27. Seeking perfection is a fool’s game
  28. It’s an impossible errand that can never be completed
  29. But nobody tells you that
  30. When you first start out
  31. I think there’s 2 people in this world
  32. The people who are happy with their lot and happy to accept things
  33. And the other people, the people who constantly strive for perfect
  34. You often see CEOs of large organisations fall into the second category
  35. They’re classic type A personalities
  36. The kind of people you don’t like
  37. And the type of people that are often called Sociopaths
  38. Most creatives pursue perfection
  39. Especially on personal projects
  40. This is the exact reason why I’ve never managed to make myself a design portfolio
  41. Because I want it to be perfect
  42. And I can’t figure out what perfect looks like
  43. Because it doesn’t exist
  44. I see this same kind of thinking in designs students
  45. And young people
  46. They want to keep tweaking things, and changing things
  47. Because they’re never happy with how it looks
  48. The thing they produce never looks like the thing they imagined in their brain
  49. And then perfection gets mistaken for indecisiveness
  50. Perfection is an illusion
  51. When you make something
  52. And you look back at it the week after
  53. You always see ways you could have improved it
  54. And you’re never happy with the previous things you’ve made
  55. But actually, that’s a REALLY GOOD THING
  56. It means you’ve improved
  57. It means you’ve got better, even within a week
  58. And it means you didn’t try to perfect it endlessly, until you went in a gigantic circle
  59. The truth about perfection is this
  60. Perfection isn’t real
  61. It isn’t possible by anybody
  62. Perfection is an abstract noun
  63. One person’s definition of perfection directly contradicts somebody else’s
  64. Anything you create can never be perfect
  65. And the second you start trying to make it perfect
  66. Is when it never gets made or finished
  67. Perfection is all ego
  68. And actually getting stuff done is what really matters
  69. Let me leave you with a quote from Salvador Dali
  70. Have no fear of perfection
  71. Because you’ll never achieve it.
  72. OUTRO 
  73. This was AADA. I’m Craig Burgess.
  74. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Dark Hearted by White Visor
    2. The queen rat. by Coin Locker Kid
    3. We Waste Time by Ugh God
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