Episode #110

How do you get what you want in life? Hard work, and lots of patience.

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  1. Golem by Pas Dans Le Cul Aujourd’Hui
  2. Dub Steps by Dub Terminator
  3. Octopussy by Juanitos

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. When Stephen HawkingStephen h began studying physics, he was rubbish at it
  3. When Louis Hamilton first started driving, he couldn’t even start the car
  4. When Robert De Niro started acting, he couldn’t even land a job in a commercial
  5. By default, when you start something, you’re rubbish at it
  6. Now, collectively, they’re world renowned physicists, multi million pound racing drivers and some of the best actors of all time
  7. You want to know why?
  8. Because they had patience
  9. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  11. I still vividly remember the first ever piece of design work I made
  12. It was in the first few weeks of official design education
  13. And I designed a website for William Wallace
  14. It was terrible
  15. I mean, absolutely terrible
  16. It’d offend you if you saw it, seriously
  17. In week 1 of a 2 year course, I was a terrible designer
  18. But I had the passion and the willingness to become better at being a designer
  19. So I put in the work
  20. And started designing everything and anything
  21. I made up projects
  22. I designed fake logos for fake companies
  23. I started projects where I designed stuff for fun
  24. All of this on top of the work I had to do for my design course
  25. It meant I rapidly became a better designer
  26. I still wasn’t an amazing one, by any means
  27. I was still a design student after all
  28. But I knew that if I followed the process
  29. And continued to make new design work
  30. And continued to keep putting in the work
  31. I’d automatically become better
  32. I knew this because I had patience
  33. Gary Vaynerchuk says lots of good things about patience too
  34. I’ll let him tell it for you
  36. Because of the internet, we expect results fast
  37. Because everything can be downloaded, purchased instantly or delivered the next day
  38. We expect everything to be so easy to acquire
  39. But a craft like design doesn’t work like that
  40. It’ll never work like that, because design is a craft
  41. A craft takes time to learn
  42. It takes patience to learn
  43. You have to learn the ins and outs of it
  44. And be able to do things backwards and forwards
  45. The epiphany I had about this whole patience thing came a few years ago
  46. When somebody said to me
  47. Even Jimi Hendrix had to learn guitar once
  48. Even he used to be rubbish at playing guitar
  49. Everybody, no matter how talented they are
  50. Has been where you are right now, no matter what level of your craft you’re at
  51. If you’re just starting out, everybody has taken that first step at least once in their career
  52. Once somebody told me that, I became enlightened
  53. It’s something so obvious, but something you just don’t think about
  54. We put talented people on pedestals
  55. And attribute everything they do to natural talent
  56. Or luck
  57. Or something else that makes that talented person seem like they haven’t worked for it
  58. When in truth
  59. Any talented person has just worked hard
  60. And they’ve worked endlessly at their craft
  61. Of course luck comes into it
  62. And being in the right place at the right time
  63. But if you’re working hard at your craft non stop
  64. The law of averages says you’re going to get a hit eventually
  65. Unfortunately people usually stop before they get that hit
  66. Because that one thing more people need
  67. Is patienc
  68. OUTRO
  69. This was AADA. I’m Craig Burgess.
  70. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Golem by Pas Dans Le Cul Aujourd’Hui
    2. Dub Steps by Dub Terminator
    3. Octopussy by Juanitos
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  72. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of AADA

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