Episode #115
The Art Of The Idea


Ideas. I love ideas. It’s the core of any creative endeavour.

Music and links from this episode

  1. All tracks from Captive Portal’s new album, Having A VHS For A Leg
  2. Choir Librarian by Captive Portal
  3. When We Were Once by Captive Portal
  4. Equestrian Encryption by Captive Portal

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. There’s one thing that is common across any type of creative activity
  3. Whether you’re a designer, artist, singer, rapper, whatever
  4. It’s all about ideas
  5. Big ideas
  6. Small ideas
  7. Rubbish ideas
  8. Good ideas
  9. It’s all ideas
  10. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  12. When people say that thing I hate hearing
  13. “I’m not creative”
  14. What they’re really saying
  15. Is that they don’t think they can think of ideas
  16. And even that’s not true either
  17. They think that can’t come up with ideas
  18. But that’s just a story that they tell themselves
  19. Because over the years
  20. People get creativity and idea-making hammered out of them
  21. As they get older, they think they can’t think of ideas anymore
  22. And actually, coming up with ideas isn’t actually that difficult
  23. You’ve just got to be fearless
  24. Actually, maybe fearless is a bit strong
  25. We’re not talking about going to battle here
  26. Or a duel to the death
  27. But you do have to let go of your inhibitions a bit
  28. And inhibitions, fear and doubts become more deep-rooted as we get older
  29. The biggest inhibitor to coming up with an idea
  30. Is the belief that an idea has to be good
  31. But actually
  32. The only way to get to the good ideas is to get past the bad ones first
  33. Seasoned creative people are good at this
  34. Because they come up with ideas all day long
  35. They can actually run through a whole boat load of ideas in their head
  36. And analyse them in an instant
  37. Then pick out the good ones
  38. That’s a skill that’s developed through years of training and practice
  39. But when they first started
  40. And when I first started
  41. All my ideas were crap
  42. And then when I came up with a good idea
  43. It had either already been done
  44. Or I didn’t have the skills to execute it
  45. Coming up with the ideas is only one side of the coin
  46. It’s an important side of the coin sure
  47. But a good idea
  48. The BEST idea in the world
  49. Is nothing without execution
  50. And good execution at that
  51. I’ve seen many designers over the years with a great idea for a logo
  52. Then I see the final result
  53. And I look at it and think
  54. “ehhh, that could have been a little bit better with some more work”
  55. The way I see it, the creative process involves two parts
  56. And both require lots of effort and perspiration
  57. The first phase
  58. Is the ability to empty your brain out onto a piece of paper
  59. Every last idea, no matter how good or how bad
  60. Straight down into a sketchbook
  61. Then you leave it for a few hours or days
  62. And try all over again to empty your brain out again
  63. Coming up with ideas at this stage is equal parts hard work and enjoyable
  64. The second stage
  65. Is picking the best of those ideas
  66. Which in itself is a gargantuan task
  67. Then taking that idea
  68. And executing on it
  69. And executing really well
  70. Ideas are weird
  71. They’re everywhere
  72. And all around us all the time
  73. They accompany us in the shower, when we’re washing up or when we’re walking around
  74. And then when you really need them
  75. They’re nowhere
  76. They can’t be commanded or asked to appear when you want them to
  77. You just have to wait
  78. And relish the opportunity when an idea arrives
  79. And grab the idea with both hands
  80. OUTRO
  81. This was AADA. I’m Craig Burgess.
  82. All three tracks in today’s episode are from Captive Portal’s new album, Having a VHS For A Leg
  83. Love the name by the way…
  84. The tracks were
    1. Choir Librarian by Captive Portal
    2. When We Were Once by Captive Portal
    3. Equestrian Encryption by Captive Portal
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  86. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of AADA

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