Episode #117
The Grind


Every day is made up of choices.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Welcome to the Grid, author unknown, YouTube Video
  2. Egg Zit Pay Pairs by Captive Portal
  3. Don’t Tickle Me (feat. Benadiction) by Captive Portal
  4. Bruntleek by Myriadar

Line-by-line notes

  1. Every minute of every hour of every day
  2. Is made up of choices
  3. Do this
  4. Don’t do this
  5. Do that
  6. Don’t do that
  7. Your biggest opponent in life is yourself
  8. And every minute is a battle against yourself
  9. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  11. That’s a clip from Welcome to the Grind, and amazing motivational speech
  12. I couldn’t find the original author so I’m sorry
  13. But It sums up the grind entirely
  14. And leaves me with little else to say
  15. Let’s get back to choices
  16. Every day, we get to make a choice to do the work
  17. Or not do the work
  18. We get to choose to do that thing we don’t want to do to reach that goal we really want
  19. Or we choose to put it off for another day and delay that goal we really want
  20. The people who are 60 years old and didn’t do the work
  21. Look back, and wish they’d made the better daily choices
  22. Grinding is not just for World of Warcraft
  23. It’s a way to make yourself better every day of your life
  24. 5 times a week, I lift weights
  25. Some days, I look at that workout I have to do
  26. And I can’t be bothered
  27. I’d prefer to do anything other than lift a couple of weights
  28. But then I catch myself
  29. And break the task down
  30. It’s just 45 minutes
  31. I tell myself
  32. It’s 45 minutes today to make my life better for the rest of my life
  33. To make sure I have a strong body, strong bones, and a strong mind
  34. 45 minutes to give me a better life
  35. I enjoy lifting weights
  36. But sometimes I don’t
  37. And I’d say it’s split 50/50 between
  38. But I know if I stay consistent
  39. And I keep grinding out session after session
  40. I get better
  41. I don’t have to do anything else
  42. But just turn up, and be willing to put in the work
  43. It’s automatic
  44. It’s why I do daily 365 day challenges
  45. It removes my ability to make a decision to do something or not
  46. If I’ve said
  47. Very publicly by the way
  48. That I’m gonna do this thing every day for 365 days
  49. I have to
  50. I’m stubborn like that
  51. Our brains are powerful, complex things
  52. And it’s amazing what we can do with them when we give them a task
  53. It’s even more amazing how good we can get at stuff if we just stick at it
  54. And apply some consistency to our actions
  55. In life, we can’t rely on motivation or inspiration
  56. Motivation is fleeting, inspiration strikes every now and again
  57. To be good at anything
  58. We need to get used to the grind
  59. We need to embrace the grind
  60. And be willing to turn up every day
  61. Whether you want to or not
  62. Whether you’re tired, bored, or sick of everything
  63. You turn up
  64. And do the work
  65. That’s what the grind means
  66. OUTRO
  67. This was AADA. I’m Craig Burgess.
  68. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Welcome to the Grid, author unknown, YouTube link in the show notes
    2. Egg Zit Pay Pairs by Captive Portal
    3. Don’t Tickle Me (feat. Benadiction) by Captive Portal
    4. Bruntleek by Myriadar
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  70. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of AADA

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