Episode #118
Under Pressure


Pressure is the secret to good ideas.

Music and links from this episode

  1. The Ocean by MindsEye
  2. Post Yes by Soft and Furious
  3. in the garden of swine by alpha jaguar

Line-by-line notes

  1. If you’re a regular listener of this podcast
  2. You’ll know I like setting stupid challenges
  3. I like testing the theory
  4. That ideas are infinite
  5. And if we put ourselves under enough pressure
  6. Ideas can pop out of anywhere.
  7. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  8. MUSIC
  9. This podcast is a little bit different today
  10. Because I’ve got something else at the back of my mind
  11. Tonight, in a meeting, I accidentally set myself a challenge
  12. Yeah, that’s on top of this daily challenge of a podcast a day
  13. I set myself a challenge to make a business by midnight
  14. As I record this podcast, it’s now 8:15pm
  15. And after I’ve recorded this podcast
  16. I need to then edit it
  17. So easily, it’ll be 9pm before I’m done with my podcast
  18. Which gives me 3 hours
  19. To invent a business where I can sell my skills through
  20. And be taking money by midnight
  21. It isn’t an easy challenge
  22. But I set it up for 2 reasons
  23. Reason 1: I wanted to prove that it’s possible with as little time as humanly possible to set up a business
  24. So nobody has an excuse for not doing something
  25. And 2: the idea that ideas themselves are infinite
  26. Ideas are a little bit like diamonds
  27. They start out as boring bits of earth that nobody cares about
  28. But as you add pressure to them
  29. And the more ridiculous the pressure
  30. The better the idea crystallises into a diamond of an idea
  31. That way of working definitely works for me
  32. The more pressure I put myself under
  33. The the more ideas flood out of my brain into a useful format
  34. The longer you have to think about an idea
  35. Not matter what it is
  36. That idea goes from an amazing one, to a good one, to a rubbish one
  37. And if you’re lucky, back to an amazing one
  38. Our brains are fascinating pieces of kit
  39. They have an amazing ability to convince themselves
  40. Of anything
  41. No matter how ridiculous or otherwise it is
  42. And when you leave brains to ponder things
  43. They tend to get all realistic about stuff and a little bit more boring
  44. I try my best to seize ideas when they strike
  45. And ride that idea and find out where it takes me
  46. Sometimes, they end in a blaze of glory
  47. In fact most of them do
  48. But every single time I’ve decided to make some stupid idea
  49. That didn’t go anywhere
  50. I’ve learned things larger than the idea
  51. I’ve learnt a new skill, a new piece of knowledge, or just become a better person
  52. You can’t put a price on that
  53. And the only way you test yourself with those kinds of things
  54. Is by putting pressure on yourself
  55. And trying new ideas
  56. MUSIC
  57. This was AADA, I’m Craig Burgess
  58. Music featured in this episode was
    1. The Ocean by MindsEye
    2. Post Yes by Soft and Furious
    3. in the garden of swine by alpha jaguar
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  60. I’m back tomorrow with another episode of AADA

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