Episode #119
Everything Isn’t Great


Everything isn’t always great, and it’s OK to admit that. Sometimes.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Lunar Dunes by Spinning Clocks
  2. Anti-Saloon League Midnight Mystery by Fields Ohio
  3. Nothing Like Captain Crunch by Broke For Free

Line-by-line notes

  1. Being British has its advantages
  2. We don’t have the endless optimism of the Americans
  3. We’re definitely more realists than optimists
  4. I think it’s the dour weather
  5. That sours our mood
  6. Today’s episode has a very melancholy mood
  7. And not because I’m in a melancholy mood either
  8. Everything isn’t great all of the time
  9. And it’s OK to admit that
  10. This AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess.
  11. MUSIC
  12. I will be honest though
  13. I really couldn’t be bothered with this podcast today
  14. I spent all last night making a business idea, writing and building a website in 3 hours
  15. That’s online now by the way if you want to check it out
  16. It’s at whyismywebsiteslow.co.uk
  17. After last night’s late night
  18. The last thing I want to do tonight is more things that require me to think hard
  19. But here I am
  20. Recording this podcast
  21. And speaking to you now
  22. Things aren’t always perfect
  23. And I think it’s OK to admit that
  24. It’s more than OK to admit that
  25. Social media is definitely skewing this opinion that we always have to be great
  26. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram especially is a carefully edited edition of somebody’s life
  27. It all looks good when somebody’s life is reduced down to a couple of photos on the internet
  28. But when we sit flicking through that kind of thing
  29. And everybody else’s life looks more perfect than ours
  30. It’s hard not to feel a little bit ungrateful about your own life
  31. Why is my life not perfect like their perfect life on Instagram?
  32. The thing is though, it is
  33. Your life is just as perfect as theirs
  34. No matter how happy they look in that photo they just took when they got out of bed
  35. Five minutes before they were as miserable as sin and didn’t want to get out of bed
  36. We all suffer from the same things
  37. The same highs and the same lows
  38. And today, I’m here to tell you that’s OK
  39. This applies to everything in life, but especially with design
  40. When you’re designer, you’re constantly looking at other designer’s work
  41. And it’s hard to look at their work
  42. And not feel inferior to all the better designers out there
  43. I feel like this all of the time
  44. I wish I could be more like Michael Beirut
  45. And I wish I could draw properly like all the amazing illustrators on the internet
  46. But the same thing applies
  47. You’re looking at a carefully crafted portfolio designed to make you think that designer is amazing
  48. It doesn’t show behind the scenes at the work that we’ve all done
  49. Those design jobs that we don’t put in our portfolios because they’re absolutely terrible
  50. It’s OK to feel inferior to them, but remember that you’re not
  51. Every designer has their off days, their off weeks, even their off years
  52. Every designer goes through a period of not feeling inspired anymore
  53. And questioning whether they’re past it, or not good enough, or never going to be as good as insert any famous designer
  54. If you think like that, you’ll never be good enough
  55. As long as you pursue a life long mission to be better than you was yesterday
  56. That’s good enough
  57. Everything isn’t always great
  58. And that’s good enough too
  59. Perfection sounds nice
  60. But it just doesn’t exist
  61. MUSIC
  62. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  63. Music featured in this episode was:
    1. Lunar Dunes by Spinning Clocks
    2. Anti-Saloon League Midnight Mystery by Fields Ohio
    3. Nothing Like Captain Crunch by Broke For Free
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  65. Thanks for listening
  66. I’m back tomorrow

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