Episode #122
My Favourite Kind Of Design – Part 1 – Graphic Design


Ian Moss asked me a question I just had to answer: what’s your favourite kind of design?

Music and links from this episode

  1. Follow An Ar Christ Rabbit by Fields Ohio
  2. Neon Hippies by Fields Ohio
  3. Wolf Dunes by Fields Ohio

Line-by-line notes

  1. I was asked by Ian Moss
  2. Quite a long time ago now
  3. Sorry Ian
  4. What my favourite piece of design is
  5. And what areas, such as communication, graphic design, architecture
  6. This is new for this format of AADA
  7. Because I’ve never answered somebody’s question before
  8. But Ian is a good friend, and it’s a good question
  9. So I’m going to do my best to answer it
  10. Let’s give it a try.
  11. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  12. MUSIC
  13. There’s two things I remember distinctly when I first started realising I was into design
  14. One of them I only realised retrospectively
  15. And the second one was my first love of graphic design
  16. The retrospective one is something I’ve spoken about way back in episode 81, the design disease
  17. I mentioned the WWF logo, the World Wrestling Federation
  18. At the time in my teens, I was mega into wrestling
  19. And I used to love reproducing their logo with a marker pen over and over
  20. It was the only logo I could draw, so I went nuts with it
  21. I got pretty good at drawing it too actually
  22. Looking back at this now, I wonder if the WWF—now WWE made their logo like that on purpose
  23. The two things I’ve long since had in my head about logo design
  24. Is it should be simple enough so anybody can draw it
  25. And it should be able to fit on a postage stamp
  26. The WWF logo did both of those things
  27. And it was accessible
  28. It wasn’t a great logo from any technical standpoint
  29. But it fit the bill, it fit the kind of audience they wanted to attract
  30. And it meant young teenagers like me could draw it easily and spread their message
  31. Logos have long since been a favourite part of design for me
  32. They are the perfect distilled version of graphic design
  33. It takes so much skill to create something that looks so simple
  34. And it’s why I’m constantly fascinated with logos
  35. It’s my favourite part of design to produce, and admire
  36. And as for my favourite logos
  37. I’m probably a bit predictable here
  38. I love Coca Cola’s logo, not just because it looks nice, but because they’ve had the balls to stick with it
  39. And whilst I’m not a big fan of Apple as a business or company anymore, their logo through the ages and today is just perfect
  40. I also have a soft spot for the new Juventus FC logo, but that’s probably because I’m not a football fan and I like that it looks different to every other football logo
  41. The second thing I adored then I first started in design
  42. Was everything that The Designers Republic did
  43. As a kid, I got the original Playstation with Wipeout for christmas
  44. And back then I used to love looking through the manuals after I got the game
  45. Some game companies put effort into these manuals
  46. And this was a game that put a lot of effort into the manual
  47. Not only that, the case was so nice
  48. All the graphics and artwork was—to my young eyes—just so cool
  49. Even looking back at it now
  50. Some 22 years later
  51. It still looks so cool
  52. In their hey day, that’s what The Designers Republic were really good at
  53. Making things just look so damn cool
  54. Designers are usually pretty good at making stuff look cool
  55. But The Designers Republic went a step further than that
  56. Everything they touched, from video games to coke bottles to record sleeves
  57. All just looked so cool
  58. It’s a style these days that has been emulated endlessly
  59. But some of the originals who worked there
  60. Like Michael C Place
  61. Still create really cool looking stuff to this day
  62. I’m nearly out of time for this episode
  63. And I have to put a time limit on this because I could gush for days about my favourite design
  64. But I just quickly wanted to mention one final thing I love
  65. Wit
  66. Wit in any form of design, and here I mean clever design
  67. I just love in any medium
  68. Maybe I’ll expand on this on a future episode
  69. MUSIC
  70. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  71. Music featured in this episode was all by Fields Ohio
    1. Follow An Ar Christ Rabbit by Fields Ohio
    2. Neon Hippies by Fields Ohio
    3. Wolf Dunes by Fields Ohio
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  73. I’m back tomorrow

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