Episode #125


Self awareness. It’s an important thing.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Suspension by Jorge Mario Zuleta
  2. Effects of Elevation by Revolution Void
  3. Ahead Of The Curve by Creo

Line-by-line notes

  1. Hello, it’s me again, Craig
  2. Before we start the episode proper
  3. I’m going being a dirty tease again
  4. Just a quick update on the whole interview podcast thing
  5. I’ve got a couple of guests lined up
  6. And I’m going to start recording some of the episodes soon
  7. I still don’t have a name
  8. But the format will very likely be a couple of hour episode every 2 weeks
  9. I’ve decided not to edit the episodes beyond just making them sound better
  10. So they’ll sometimes be long conversations
  11. The first episode will likely be out within the next 2 months
  12. I really can’t wait to release it
  13. And I think you’re really going to love it
  14. Maybe even more than this podcast, if you prefer listening to conversations
  15. Anyway, back to this podcast.
  16. Cue the episode!
  17. INTRO
  18. I don’t envy young designers
  19. All the stuff you have to learn can be overwhelming
  20. And especially now, where’s there’s so much new stuff ALL THE TIME
  21. You’ve lots of stuff to learn, constantly
  22. And it’s not easy
  23. Because you’ve got to be good at everything as well
  24. But one thing a lot of young designers struggle with
  25. And young people in general really
  26. Is awareness
  27. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  28. MUSIC
  29. Self awareness is a tough one
  30. You won’t find self awareness listed on any curriculum anywhere
  31. And you’d probably even struggle to define it
  32. And if you went to any other seasoned designer
  33. They’d probably never even mention self awareness
  34. But having said all that
  35. And after probably making you think this whole thing isn’t even important
  36. I’m going to tell you it is
  37. And it’s probably one of the most important things designers need to know
  38. So, what is self awareness?
  39. Well, it’s an awareness of yourself
  40. Obviously
  41. It means you’re really aware of what you’re good at
  42. And you’re really aware of what you’re bad at
  43. Basically, you’re really aware of yourself
  44. Yes, I’m aware I’ve just turned the words self and awareness around a few times to explain the term self awareness
  45. Knowing what you’re good at and what you’re bad at is harder than you think though
  46. It’s some parts confidence
  47. Confident in your abilities
  48. And it’s some parts being pragmatic
  49. And some parts being honest
  50. Admitting things that you’re not so good at
  51. Isn’t easy for most people
  52. Especially as a young designer, you’re just not aware of what you’re best at
  53. And you want to try everything, so you’d probably never admit you’re not that good
  54. And actually, some people just plain aren’t aware that they’re bad at things
  55. And if you’re not aware of what you’re bad at
  56. There’s no way you could ever improve
  57. And that means there’s no way to ever become a better designer
  58. And that is why self awareness is the single most important thing to develop
  59. This is definitely something I never realised when I was a young designer
  60. And it lead to some really uncomfortable conversations with my boss about my design work that wasn’t up to scratch
  61. I didn’t have the design knowledge to know that the work I was producing wasn’t good enough
  62. And I didn’t have the ability to step out of my own work and admit it wasn’t good enough
  63. I actually developed self awareness without being aware of myself
  64. Which is weird
  65. But if I could go back now
  66. And talk to my 18 year old self
  67. This is the single thing I’d be shouting out
  68. Go learn to some self awareness
  69. And forget everything else
  70. MUSIC
  71. This was AADA and I’m Craig Burgess
  72. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Suspension by Jorge Mario Zuleta
    2. Effects of Elevation by Revolution Void
    3. And this quirky little song playing right now, Ahead Of The Curve by Creo
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  74. I’m back tomorrow

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