Episode #126
Creative Block


What do you do when you run out of ideas?

Music and links from this episode

  1. Not Locrian by Captive Portal
  2. Beautiful Reciprocal (Half Mix) by Captive Portal

Line-by-line notes

  1. Today’s episode has a double-edged meaning
  2. On one instance
  3. I’m discussing the idea of struggling to find ideas
  4. And in the other instance
  5. The reason I’ve done this episode
  6. Is because I’m struggling for ideas
  7. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  8. MUSIC
  9. No matter what kind of creative person you are
  10. An artist, a designer, a musician, a writer
  11. You’re going to hit creative block
  12. You’re going to hit a point where suddenly
  13. You can’t think of any ideas
  14. You’re going to go from being an absolute ideas machine
  15. Where they come freely and easily
  16. To a complete idea vacuum
  17. Where nothing exists anymore
  18. And that…is scary
  19. Different creative people react to this kind of thing differently
  20. Some relish the challenge
  21. And some get scared
  22. It’s OK to feel like that
  23. When you trade on your ideas and suddenly your stock has vanished
  24. That’s scary
  25. I think that a creative shouldn’t be judged on their creative output
  26. Although that’s important
  27. But a truly experienced creative should be judged on their ability to consistently come up with good ideas
  28. And also should be judged on their ability to recover from creative block
  29. An experienced creative knows that they’ve not just become irrelevant
  30. They don’t get scared by creative block
  31. And they have endless strategies on how to overcome such a situation
  32. Overcoming creative block isn’t a skill you develop overnight as a creative
  33. I don’t even think that’s it’s something that you could teach to a young creative
  34. It’s just a thing you develop with experience
  35. And pressure
  36. And really, doing things wrong and running out of ideas
  37. I talk a lot about the creative muscle and needing to exercise it regularly
  38. If you’re not regularly flexing that ideas muscle, your creative muscle
  39. It gets smaller and harder to use, and it burns out quicker
  40. Mood, anxiety and just generally being in a bad mood affects all this too
  41. If you’re in a bad place, ideas are hard to come by
  42. And that can be a vicious circle that’s hard to escape
  43. You’re in a bad mood, you get creative block, it makes you in a worst mood, and so on
  44. So creative block is more complicated that it looks
  45. It’s hard to combat and hard to come out of
  46. Sometimes the only way out
  47. Is just get doing
  48. Just start writing, designing, drawing, whatever it is
  49. And creative block just disappears
  50. MUSIC
  51. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  52. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Not Locrian by Captive Portal
    2. Beautiful Reciprocal (Half Mix) by Captive Portal
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  54. I’m back tomorrow

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