Episode #127
Every design isn’t solid gold


Sorry. Every design you make isn’t going to be amazing.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Creative Destruction by Nihilore
  2. Slow Nights by Sro
  3. Synthetic Feels by Sro

Line-by-line notes

  1. No matter what your job is
  2. When you do it every day of your life
  3. When you create stuff every day
  4. It’s not always good
  5. In fact, most of what you do isn’t good
  6. And every thing you do isn’t solid gold
  7. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  8. MUSIC
  9. Let me clarify what I mean when I say most of what you do isn’t good
  10. Unless you’re really lucky
  11. I mean, really lucky
  12. 90% of what you create isn’t good
  13. It might be average
  14. It might be better than average
  15. And some of it that you never show anybody will be absolutely terrible
  16. Some of it will be good
  17. But most of it won’t be solid gold
  18. It’s hard making stuff that’s good, and especially solid gold design work
  19. It’s a sad and inevitable fact of design
  20. Sometimes
  21. Whether it’s the client’s fault, your fault, or you just run out of time
  22. The design work you make won’t be amazing
  23. It’ll be passable
  24. And sometimes good enough is…good enough
  25. Sometimes, and I don’t want to sound snobby about this but I guess I’m going to
  26. Sometimes a company or a client deserves just good enough
  27. Not every company in the world should look amazing
  28. You wouldn’t make a scrap yard look like a perfume brand
  29. A perfume brand should look elegant and usually high class
  30. But the same isn’t true for a scrap yard, and it shouldn’t look…amazing
  31. And yeah…I know that sounds snobbish
  32. But it’s true
  33. Not every brand should look amazing, because it isn’t appropriate
  34. As a designer, it’s OK to sometimes be bad
  35. In my last episode, I spoke about creative block
  36. And learning to appreciate that it’s OK to sometimes run out of ideas
  37. It’s also OK to sometimes make bad design work
  38. So long as you have an internal barometer to know that you should never show it to a client
  39. Because I can guarantee that the client will pick your worst design if you show it
  40. My sketchbooks and my rough logo documents are full of things that look like they’ve been designed by a 2 year old
  41. But nobody ever sees them
  42. You’ve got to get past all of the bad ideas before you can get to the good ones
  43. Sometimes you get lucky, and the first thing out of your brain is amazing
  44. But that’s rare
  45. And it takes persistence and consistency to find that solid gold idea amongst all the dross
  46. Sometimes you can start to feel a little self conscious about this though
  47. If you go through a couple of hours or even a couple of days
  48. And everything you’ve designed or the ideas that you’ve come up with are all rubbish
  49. You start to wonder if you’re rubbish
  50. Am I rubbish?
  51. Is that it?
  52. Am I past it? Have I got no more good ideas in me?
  53. It’s hard to stop thinking that
  54. But you’ve got to
  55. Because bad ideas never last for a long time
  56. Unless you let yourself start to believe that you’re a bad designer
  57. Just like creative block
  58. You’ve got to understand
  59. That as a designer, your job is to come up with ideas
  60. And as your job is ideas
  61. Not all of them are solid gold
  62. And you’ve got to be OK with that
  63. Because as soon as you are
  64. And you can dismiss the bad ideas easily
  65. The good ideas suddenly start appearing
  66. And then you get to the solid gold ones
  67. MUSIC
  68. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  69. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Creative Destruction by Nihilore
    2. Slow Nights by Sro
    3. Synthetic Feels by Sro
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  71. I’m back tomorrow

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