Episode #128


Ego is the enemy of any design project.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Why I Can’t Sleep With The Door Ajar by We Is Shore Dedicated
  2. Nothing (Bonus Track) by Kai Engel
  3. Mutations by Small Colin

Line-by-line notes

  1. If we consider the task of making a website
  2. There’s several stages a project goes through
  3. Most of those stages are black and white, especially actually building a website
  4. But when design gets involved
  5. The ego starts to get in the way
  6. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  7. MUSIC
  8. When you build something
  9. Like a wall for example
  10. There’s no black and white to that
  11. A wall either works
  12. It stays stood up for years and functions as a wall
  13. Or it doesn’t
  14. The wall falls down
  15. It’s very clean when the wall isn’t working, or doing its job
  16. There’s no emotional intricacies to deal with here
  17. Design is the exact polar opposite of this
  18. When you’re talking to somebody and telling them their logo will be green
  19. This can elicit a whole range of responses you can’t begin to even comprehend
  20. Ranging from things that make sense like
  21. My customer base won’t like the colour green
  22. To strange things like
  23. Green reminds me of grass and the countryside, and I don’t like that
  24. No matter how hard we try to stop it from being so
  25. Design is an emotional thing
  26. It isn’t as simple as a wall that either stands up or doesn’t
  27. Or a website that either works or not
  28. Design isn’t black and white, and it works on a thousand levels
  29. Most of all, design is subjective
  30. And that causes problems for everybody
  31. With subjectivity comes a much more insidious thing: ego
  32. The graveyard of failed design projects is full of gravestones that declare Ego was the problem
  33. And ego comes from everywhere
  34. It comes from the client thinking they know better than the professional designer they hired
  35. It comes from the marketing company thinking they know better than everybody else
  36. And worst of all, it comes from the designer thinking that they know better than everybody else in the world
  37. A designer with an ego is a useless designer
  38. That’s a fact
  39. A designer who sees their work as precious pieces of art that have been perfectly crafted isn’t a real designer
  40. Design is not art
  41. Design can be pretty, it can affect people’s emotions and decisions, but it’s not art
  42. Art is designed to affect an emotion
  43. Design is to communicate a message
  44. Art serves the artist
  45. Design serves the client or the purpose intended
  46. Design doesn’t serve the designer
  47. And when a designer thinks it does, things go wrong really quickly
  48. Don’t get me wrong
  49. Designers should be passionate about doing a good job
  50. OF COURSE they should
  51. But that’s a fundamental difference
  52. Passion is not ego
  53. Passion is doing things with conviction
  54. And an ego usually negatively impacts anything it gets involved with
  55. I’m going to finish off with a depressing thing about design
  56. It’s not depressing if you already know it
  57. But it might be depressing if you’ve never considered it
  58. Good design
  59. Really good design
  60. Gets out of its own way
  61. Good design doesn’t get noticed
  62. Because its done it’s job
  63. The only people who notice good design is designers
  64. And design isn’t for designers
  65. MUSIC
  66. This was AADA and I’m Craig Burgess
  67. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Why I Can’t Sleep With The Door Ajar by We Is Shore Dedicated
    2. Nothing (Bonus Track) by Kai Engel
    3. Mutations by Small Colin
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  69. I’m back tomorrow

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