Episode #130


Comfort. It’s comfortable. And deadly.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Mystery Mammal from their great new album, Risk Society
  2. I featured the tracks: Ruin, Greenhorn, and All Your Organs Get a Laugh

Line-by-line notes

  1. Today’s episode was going to be an extended one
  2. But at the last minute
  3. I changed my mind
  4. Something has been nagging at me the last few days
  5. About comfort zones
  6. And how nobody likes to step out of them
  7. But really, the only way we get better as humans
  8. Is to step outside our comfort zones
  9. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  10. MUSIC
  11. Design and the creative industries require very specific things from you that lots of other careers dont
  12. You have to adaptable, changing to variables that can appear at the drop of the hat
  13. You have to be consistently improving, because things move so fast
  14. And that is something that gets harder as time goes on
  15. When you first start in any career, everything is new
  16. Anything at all that you learn is an improvement
  17. Every small increment is an improvement
  18. But when you’ve been doing the design game for a while
  19. You feel like you’ve seen it all
  20. Or done everything
  21. Worst of all, lots of people feel like they know it all
  22. That there’s nothing left to learn
  23. That’s comfort
  24. And it’s deadly in a fast moving industry
  25. You can’t ever get comfortable
  26. Comfort breeds arrogsnce
  27. And cockiness
  28. And not only are those traits not nice to see in somebody
  29. They’re self limiting
  30. When you think you know everything, you stop learning everything
  31. Ive spoken lots about lifting weights on this podcast
  32. And i don’t just do it keep fit and get stronger
  33. I do it for the mental strength that it gives me
  34. Lifting heavy weights pushes you far out of your comfort zone
  35. When you’ve got a massive weight crushing your whole body and the only way to escape is to push it away
  36. You find mental strength you didn’t know you possessed
  37. And finding that mental strength breeds more mental strength
  38. This is exactly the same reason why pushing yourself out of a realm of comfort is so important
  39. Progression isn’t made by doing the same thing over and over
  40. The only way to progress with anything is to increase the chsllenge
  41. And as a designer, as you get better and better, that challenge needs to get bigger and bigger
  42. When you get past all the initial book learning
  43. And reading the magazines
  44. And doing all the design work over the years
  45. Then you have to start working really hard to get outside of your comfort zone
  46. I’m lucky in some ways
  47. I’ve always thought like this
  48. And I know that the only way to get better is through insane amounts of hard work
  49. I don’t always do the hard work
  50. Sometimes I’m lazy
  51. And sometimes for a long time I’m lazy
  52. But I know, and I’ve proved it to myself over the years
  53. That when you put in the work to push yourself far outside of comfort
  54. You make huge improvements
  55. The clue is in the title
  56. Comfort is… Comfortable
  57. Comfort is nice feeling
  58. But comfort over a long period has diminishing returns
  59. We should all strive to be comfortable
  60. But the only way to be permanently comfortable
  61. Is to keep getting better and better
  62. And the only way to do thst
  63. Is to stop being comfortable
  64. MUSIC
  65. This was AADA and I’m Craig Burgess
  66. Music featured in this episode was by
    1. Mystery Mammal from their great new album, Risk Society
    2. I featured the tracks: Ruin, Greenhorn, and All Your Organs Get a Laugh
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  69. I’m back tomorrow

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