Episode #132
Saying Yes


What does saying yes too often really lead to?

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  1. Too Far Gone by Ryan Little
  2. Interstellar Export by The Insider
  3. Calm The Fuck Down by Broke For Free

Line-by-line notes

  1. Over the next two episodes
  2. I want to present two sides of the coin as a designer
  3. There’s the saying yes side
  4. That’s saying yes to amends, or things you think you shouldn’t say yes to
  5. Then there’s the other side
  6. The saying no side
  7. The standing your ground, and not budging side
  8. Today is saying yes
  9. Let’s explore saying yes
  10. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  11. MUSIC
  12. I’ve said many times before
  13. Design is a weird profession
  14. There’s no formal education required
  15. Every agency works differently
  16. And every designer works differently
  17. We all work with clients differently as well
  18. And say yes or no to different things
  19. When you first start out as a designer
  20. You say yes a lot
  21. When a client asks you to change something
  22. You just do it
  23. Often you don’t even question it, because you don’t know any better
  24. Or you might not have the confidence or the experience yet to say otherwise
  25. I think there’s actually two types of designers
  26. There’s the Yes Designers
  27. These kinds of designers will always do whatever the client wants to please them
  28. Clients like these kinds of designers for obvious reasons
  29. And some designers would argue that as a designer you should always be like this
  30. After all, the customer is always right, right?
  31. Well, wrong
  32. In the design world, the client is often wrong
  33. And it’s our duty as a designer to make the client aware of that
  34. We should tell them when they’re wrong, always
  35. Not in a nasty way
  36. And not in a combative way that ruins relationships
  37. And not even in a difficult way
  38. I just believe that before we say yes, it’s our duty to explore the reasons behind a change
  39. If the changes that a client is asking for are sensible, go nuts. Just change it
  40. But if a client is suggesting stupid things
  41. Or things that will make your design work worse
  42. Challenge the request
  43. And don’t automatically say yes
  44. Try and find out the underlying reasons for these changes
  45. Sometimes they’re silly, and purely because a client wants to put their stamp on a project
  46. This is OK to a point
  47. But when those pointless changes start to affect the end product
  48. It isn’t OK anymore, and you should start raising your concerns
  49. Automatically saying yes to a client on everything sets up a weird unbalanced relationship too
  50. People come to us as designers because we know about design
  51. We’re professional designers
  52. That means they want out opinions on stuff, and want to know if it’s best for them
  53. If we’re so eager to please all the time and just say yes, we don’t show our value as a designer
  54. When we’re really against some change further down the line too, we’ve already shown we’re a pushover
  55. I’m not saying it’s wrong to say yes to clients, I do that all the time
  56. But you do have to be very careful when you do say yes
  57. And consider all the implications that decision has on your relationship
  58. You owe it to your client to make sure you don’t say yes just to please them
  59. They’ve hired you as a professional, and they want your professional opinion
  60. That doesn’t work if you’re a Yes Designer
  61. So stop just saying yes
  62. And start considering the power of the word Yes a little bit more carefully.
  63. MUSIC
  64. This was AADA and I’m Craig Burgess
  65. Music featured in this episode was
    1. Too Far Gone by Ryan Little
    2. Interstellar Export by The Insider
    3. Calm The Fuck Down by Broke For Free
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