Episode #136
Should Designers Code?


Should designers code?

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  1. Who Is Responsible for Design – Creative Review Article
  2. Eutrophic by Mystery Mammal
  3. Cart before the horse by Myriadar
  4. Where There Is No darkness by Nihilore

Line-by-line notes

  1. There’s several debates that are forever recurring in the design and tech worlds
  2. Is design art?
  3. Or is art design?
  4. Should a designer do multiple things?
  5. And the hottest topic and that comes around every week
  6. Should designers code?
  7. I probably going to get a bit offensive to designers in this episode.
  8. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  9. MUSIC
  10. Over the years I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had this argument
  11. But I’m going to go at it again, becaause I like causing controversy
  12. And amazingly, I’ve not discussed it on this podcast before
  13. Let me lay out my stance straight away
  14. I have a dim view of designers who choose not to bother learning to code
  15. It’s not just about designers though
  16. I have a dim view of anybody who actively chooses to stop learning things
  17. When it comes to designers, they actively choose not to bother learning how to code, or any of the technical side
  18. I’ll try learning anything, because I love learning things
  19. And we should all love learning things, because it’s the only way to grow as human beings, not just at our craft
  20. So I find it fascinating and maddening when I see anybody putting up a barrier to themselves and saying
  21. “No, I don’t want to learn that and I don’t want to know anymore about that”
  22. Knowing more about something makes you design it better, that is just a fact
  23. Not even technical stuff, the more you know about anything the better you’ll design it
  24. So when it comes to websites, and especially now with responsive websites and there being so much changing so quickly
  25. You have to know how to build websites, to a point
  26. HTML and CSS isn’t difficult to learn for anybody
  27. And I can’t see a logical reason why somebody wouldn’t want to learn it, or can’t learn it
  28. The reasons for a designer designing websites to learn it are nothing but positive
  29. It helps you understand websites more
  30. It helps you design and make better websites
  31. And it makes you a better designer
  32. Why on earth would you not want those things?
  33. Who could argue against those points?
  34. We get too bogged down with titles
  35. And too caught up with labels
  36. I’m a designer, therefore I can’t be anything else
  37. I’m a developer, so that means the design is left to somebody else
  38. These titles aren’t useful for anybody, because having knowledge about all those things only serves to make you better at everything
  39. People always come back to the phrases like
  40. Jack of all trades, master of none
  41. But I wholeheartedly disagree with that phrase
  42. The modern world is making jack of all trades out of us all
  43. Especially in design
  44. In design alone, we no longer have typesetters, typographers, and reprographics
  45.  A designer is usually expected to be all of those things, as well as a proofreader, a photo retouched, an art worker, a account manager, an illustrator, the list goes on
  46. So even in design, we aren’t specialists anymore
  47. So if we’re not even specialists in our specialist area, why do some designers get so angry and against learning just one more thing?
  48. And especially when that one more thing will have such a positive impact on making everything else that designer designs even better
  49. As you can tell, I’m passionate about designers knowing as much as possible
  50. My one viewpoint isn’t the correct one, it’s just my viewpoint
  51. But I would passionately argue with anybody
  52. That a designer who designs websites should know HTML and CSS, minimum
  53. And if they don’t, they’re just lazy.
  54. As a follow up to this episode, there’s an interesting article on Creative Review’s website about who is responsible for design. There’s a link in my show notes for you to check it out
  55. MUSIC
  56. This was AADA and I’m Craig Burgess
  57. Music featured in this episode was:
    1. Eutrophic by Mystery Mammal
    2. Cart before the horse by Myriadar
    3. Where There Is No darkness by Nihilore
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  60. I’m back tomorrow

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