Episode #137
Should Developers Design?


A follow up to yesterday: should developers learn to design things?

Music and links from this episode

  1. Who Is Responsible for Design – Creative Review Article
  2. Eutrophic by Mystery Mammal
  3. Cart before the horse by Myriadar
  4. Where There Is No darkness by Nihilore

Line-by-line notes

  1. Quite a few years ago
  2. I did a talk that was loosely about the designer/developer divide
  3. I argued that designers should be more developer
  4. And developers should be more designer
  5. Today, I’m going to talk about developers being designers
  6. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  7. MUSIC
  8. I’m a pretty positive person
  9. But there’s certain things in the design industry that really bug me
  10. That I try not to let annoy me
  11. But they do anyway
  12. One of the big things that bug me
  13. Is…well…actually two things
  14. 1) When people say that developers aren’t creative
  15. I’m a designer myself
  16. But lots of designers like to put the technical people in a box
  17. As if their creativity is somehow less worthy than their creativity
  18. Programming is creative
  19. And it’s problem solving
  20. In fact, it’s one of the most direct forms of problem solving
  21. You’re writing code, you’re creating things, you’re creative
  22. And the second thing that bugs me
  23. Is that developers either think they can’t design or designers stop them from doing so
  24. Yesterday’s episode was all about the opposite of this
  25. I spoke about designers coding, and argued whether they should code or not
  26. To reiterate, designers should code
  27. Designers should embrace any opportunity to learn more things and get better at their craft
  28. And the exact same rules apply to developers
  29. I hate the whole designer/developer design thing, full stop
  30. I hate that we feel we need to label ourselves as one or the other
  31. And we can’t possibly be both
  32. Because if we’re both people think we’re worse at one of them
  33. After all, how could we possibly be good at both those things?
  34. On most projects, developers do way more design than you probably realise
  35. When designers design 3 pages of a website and none of the interactions
  36. The gap is left for the developer to fill in
  37. You could argue that in terms of websites, when a developer is building the website they design most of the website
  38. And developers are becoming more design savvy
  39. Because they have to
  40. There’s too many new startups and not enough designers, so developers need to learn to design
  41. Even if you’re not in that situation as a developer, and you’re lucky to have a good design team
  42. When working in a team its always a good idea to get a better picture of how everybody’s job works
  43. And as a developer, learning how to design only makes you better at your job
  44. It’s not as a if as a developer, if you start to learn some design stuff
  45. the programming languages will fall out of the other side of your brain
  46. Developers learning to design
  47. Helps to close that divide between designers and developers
  48. When I did that talk a few years ago that I mentioned at the beginning
  49. I spoke about designers and developers needing to get along better
  50. We needed to stop picking holes in each other
  51. And start working better
  52. Designers need to start coding
  53. And developers need to start designing
  54. I ended the talk by getting a designer and developer to hug
  55. But this is a podcast… so that isn’t going to work
  56. If you’re a designer or a developer
  57. When you get into work tomorrow,
  58. Go hug a developer or a designer
  59. And learn to appreciate each other’s jobs a bit more
  60. MUSIC
  61. This was AADA and I’m Craig Burgess
  62. Music featured in this episode was:
    1. Eutrophic by Mystery Mammal
    2. La Besitos by Ryan Little
    3. Jam With Me by Monplaisir
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  65. I’m back tomorrow

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