Episode #139
Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Relax


I realised something this weekend after my break. That I can relax.

Music and links from this episode

  1. 12 by Monplaisir
  2. Dolos by Drake Stafford

Line-by-line notes

  1. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been releasing a daily podcast for the last few days
  2. And that experience in itself has actually turned into some good content for a podcast
  3. This is more of a diary entry then anything to do with design or creativity, but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway
  4. I knew I was going away on holiday at the end of last week
  5. And I had a decision to make
  6. I could either do 5 extra podcasts before I went on holiday
  7. Meaning loads more work and stress and anxiety
  8. Do I decide to bust my balls
  9. And work harder than ever
  10. To continue to release a daily podcast in my absence?
  11. Or do I take the second route that is quite unfamiliar to me
  12. Do I just relax?
  13. MUSIC
  14. As you’re a keen eared listener
  15. You’ll have noticed I opted to just relax
  16. This is a REALLY weird thing for me
  17. For those of you that don’t know me
  18. Which is most of you, as my friends don’t listen to this
  19. Generally, I have two speed settings
  20. 1—I do things all the time up until I go to sleep
  21. This makes sure I get everything done I want to
  22. And keep making things even when I can’t be bothered
  23. And my second speed setting is nothing
  24. Laziness
  25. If I spend a day doing nothing, I literally do nothing
  26. My brain and body just doesn’t allow me to set aside a day and say I’ll do that thing on this day
  27. If I say that to myself, I just keep putting it off and off and off
  28. I long since realised that the only way I get productive
  29. Or maybe not even productive, just PRODUCING
  30. Is if I tell myself that I’ll do it every day, without fail
  31. So when I decided to skip my daily podcast for 5 days
  32. Bearing in mind I’d promised myself I’d do it every day for the next 365 days
  33. I was tortured
  34. I knew I didn’t owe it to anyone or anything to work myself to death to keep doing a daily podcast
  35. And because I like spending time on this podcast
  36. And making it sound as good as I can, and you know, putting some effort in
  37. I knew I’d just put 5 mediocre podcasts out, much like I did when I last went on holiday and rushed them all
  38. So I decided to just relax
  39. I’m not the relaxing type
  40. On the first evening of my relaxing, I felt really anxious, like I had to do something
  41. For nearly every day for the last 139 days, this podcast has been deeply embedded in my life
  42. Every day I’ve had to think about ideas, work out when I’m going to record it, and everything else
  43. It’s been a lot to think about, and a big mental challenge every single day
  44. So for that challenge to suddenly disappear, was…weird
  45. Really weird in fact
  46. I felt guilty
  47. Lots of people who work too hard feel like this
  48. Workaholics will recognise the feeling, when you sit down and do nothing but you feel guilty about doing nothing
  49. The truth is though, I needed it
  50. I needed to do nothing for a few days
  51. Even my weekends for the first part of this year have been invaded by my podcast
  52. And now because I put more effort in with music and production, I have to do it every day, and can’t queue them up
  53. After the first 24 hours of not doing a podcast, things felt different
  54. I did actually… relax
  55. Which is a really weird concept for me
  56. I felt, relaxed, and chilled out, and I wasn’t thinking about everything I had to do
  57. This whole thing that I’ve been talking about might have sounded a bit weird to you
  58. You probably don’t struggle to relax
  59. You probably don’t struggle to rest, or think about nothing
  60. But when you’re as much of a doer as I am, or what some people I guess call a workaholic
  61. This weekend has been a real eye opener for me
  62. And if you’re like me, and you don’t relax enough
  63. Just go have a weekend off for a change
  64. Because sometimes you’ve just gotta relax and do nothing
  65. MUSIC
  66. This was AADA and I’m Craig Burgess
  67. Music featured in this episode was:
    1. 12 by Monplaisir
    2. Dolos by Drake Stafford
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  70. I’m back tomorrow

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