Episode #143
The Dying Art of Conversation


Is the art of conversation dying, or is it just different?

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  1. Comfortably loved by Soft and Furious
  2. When the blood driving the self by Soft and Furious
  3. Empowered Ending by Soft and Furious

Line-by-line notes

  1. It’s funny
  2. Talking about the dying art of conversation to a medium of listeners that’s all about conversation
  3. But it’s a topic I talk about a lot to my friends about
  4. And it’s an important topic to designers
  5. The reason it’s important to designers is because so much of what we do is about conversing
  6. We have to have a conversation to sell our design work
  7. To discuss projects, goals and briefs
  8. And countless other parts of our job that require designers to be masters of the art of conversation
  9. But how does this change our job, if the art of conversation is dying
  10. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  11. MUSIC
  12. On April the 21st, 2006, the BBC ran an article about the dying art of conversation
  13. In it they spoke to two self styled expert conversationalists about how conversation is changing
  14. They talk about time being a factor, that everybody is busier now
  15. And they talk about old TV talk shows, where they used to have one guest on for an hour,
  16. and now the same talk shows have five guests in the same time
  17. They talk about how our attention spans are shorter, that we have less patience for chit chat, and that we’re not good listeners
  18. All of which I agree with, but this article is from 2006, 11 years ago
  19. Now, in 2017, the situation is even worse
  20. The rise of so many text-based chat apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Twitter and all the rest, mean we’re even more text-baed now, and not conversation based
  21. We’re conversing with each other, but less and less, we’re actually talking to each other
  22. You know, actually looking each other in the eye and saying words
  23. Let’s talk about one final example
  24. In the UK
  25. The good old British Public House used to be the place to find a conversation, every night of the week
  26. Often called Pubs, pubs used to be everywhere across the UK
  27. Any night, you could turn up to your local pub, and talk with people over a pint of beer
  28. They’re used to be 3 pubs within 2 minutes walking distance from my house about 10 years ago
  29. And now there’s 0
  30. Pubs are dying too, and they were one of the last bastions of the good old art of conversation
  31. Lots of people say pubs have lost their appeal in the UK because beer became so expensive at them
  32. But maybe it’s because people don’t like, or aren’t skilled in the art of conversation anymore
  33. Some people even point to the rise in the popularity of podcasts as an indicator that conversation is dying
  34. But…
  35. Maybe I’m wrong with all of this
  36. Maybe all this means is conversation is changing
  37. And there’s big signs that this is true too
  38. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and all those are absolutely thriving
  39. The younger generation spend hours every day chatting to each other over messaging apps
  40. And they’re actually spending longer than even chatting to each other in these formats than anybody ever did face to face
  41. It’s not dying, it’s just different from what I and loads of other people are used to
  42. Whether that’s true, or not, it’s important as designers that we understand how conversation is changing
  43. Whether young people’s conversation patterns are changing or not, it’s vital that designers are excellent communicators
  44. We need to sell our ideas, sell our our work, and sell ourselves every single day
  45. The only way we can effectively do that is through being excellent communicators, and being good at the art of conversation
  46. And then we need to understand all of this
  47. The changing landscape of conversation
  48. Because every design we produce has to communicate something
  49. And if we don’t understand how to communicate
  50. And communicate to anybody, regardless of age
  51. Then we might as well not bother designing anything else
  52. And regardless of all that, even when you put aside everything I’ve said
  53. Chatting to people, just talking to people, with nothing else, no distractions, is just nice
  54. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with interesting people and having a chat
  55. I can’t think of many other things in life more enjoyable than a really deep interesting chat with interesting people.
  56. MUSIC
  57. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  58. Music featured in this episode was:
    1. Comfortably loved by Soft and Furious
    2. When the blood driving the self by Soft and Furious
    3. Empowered Ending by Soft and Furious
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