Episode #146
Using Design To Improve Business


How do you use design to improve your business?

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  1. World Take by Drake Stafford
  2. All Your Organs Get A Laugh by Mystery Mammal
  3. Good Grief by Mystery Mammal

Line-by-line notes

  1. After my last couple of episodes about politics
  2. I’m leaving all that alone for a couple of episodes now
  3. And I’m going to return to talking about some less controversial topics
  4. Although…some people might see this one as a bit controversial
  5. Especially if you’re in business
  6. And you don’t really appreciate the value of design and design thinking
  7. By the end of this episode, I think you might appreciate design a little bit more
  8. Today I’m talking about how design can improve businesses
  9. And the power that having a design first mentality can bring
  10. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  11. MUSIC
  12. I’m going to start with a really overworked example of how design is used in business
  13. But as much as it’s overworked, and overused to explain how powerful design and business can be
  14. It’s a great example
  15. Throughout the years, there’s been lots of businesses that have put design at the heart of their company, and made a lot of money from it
  16. Think Braun, Dyson, Airbnb, and the king of it all, Apple
  17. Apple is the example I want to start with
  18. But first, let me explain what I mean by a business that puts design first
  19. Essentially, they design amazing products, be them digital or physical, and spend all their effort designing those products
  20. Or at least, outwardly to the public they appear to be doing this
  21. They value design inside their business above almost everything else
  22. And no how valuable a well-designed product is
  23. To return to the Apple example
  24. Think about the difference between a £300 Windows laptop, and a £1200 MacBook
  25. The Windows laptop will feel cheap, usually made of plastic
  26. It’ll start breaking away almost as soon as you buy it
  27. And it’ll be full of bloatware and software you just don’t need
  28. Compare that with the MacBook
  29. As soon a you see the packaging, you know it’s a quality product
  30. Apple even spend stupid amounts of care and attention on their packaging, to give you the exact impression they want you to feel
  31. Quality
  32. And then when you open it up, and feel that MacBook, you know you’re handling a quality product
  33. It’s made of aluminium, feels premium, and you instantly know you’ve made the right choice
  34. Even when you boot up the MacBook for the first time, the software is easy to use
  35. It’s clean, functional, and guides you through the entire process
  36. This has all come about because Apple care about the entire design experience
  37. They care about designing and manufacturing really good products, and it shows in everything they do
  38. And that’s because they value design above everything else
  39. They value profits too, which is why they’re one of the largest companies in the world in terms of money made each year
  40. But even if you don’t like Apple, and you hate their laptops and their phones and their stupid watches, you can’t deny they’re well-designed products
  41. Jony Ive clearly has always wanted to leave a legacy around his products
  42. And you get the impression that their current range of products will be looked back on in 20 years by product designers and still admired
  43. Just like the original iMac is today
  44. And other design-led companies are just like this too
  45. Look at Dyson
  46. James Dyson and everybody else at Dyson is utterly focused on making the best products possible, just like Apple
  47. Even if you don’t buy one of their vacuum cleaners, fans or desk lights, you look at them and they’re just damn cool
  48. You know they’re products that are at the top of their game
  49. And one of the major advantages of all this design led thinking, and trying to produce the best products you can
  50. Is that it makes your company unique in your marketplace, even if you’re making the same things as everybody else
  51. And also… you make more money. Apple, Dyson, Braun… none of their products were cheap.
  52. These companies demand a premium for their products, because their premium products
  53. For me, the only way to run a business is to run it with a design-led mentality
  54. Because throughout it all, the only way to really get satisfaction in anything you do
  55. Is to try and make the best damn thing possible, no matter what your business is.
  56. MUSIC
  57. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  58. Music featured in this episode was:
    1. World Take by Drake Stafford
    2. All Your Organs Get A Laugh by Mystery Mammal
    3. Good Grief by Mystery Mammal
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  61. I’m back tomorrow

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