Episode #148
The Colours of Fast Food


The colours in fast food restaurants isn’t all as it seems.

Music and links from this episode

  1. 7-La hache et le canoë by Pousse Mousse
  2. 4-Roulé-boulé-boulé by Pousse Mousse
  3. Dans la batterie solo by Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée

Line-by-line notes

  1. As I’m in the marketing game
  2. I see lots of things in a different way
  3. When you’re in marketing
  4. Or when you’re a designer
  5. You don’t take anything at face value
  6. My episode yesterday about Photoshop discussed that a little bit
  7. But today, I want to focus on something else that has hidden meanings
  8. Fast food
  9. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  10. Let’s start with something really basic
  11. And something that you won’t even think about consciously
  12. That’s colour
  13. Obviously, everything has a particular colour
  14. When I spoke about political parties in episodes 145 and 144,
  15. I talked about colour a lot
  16. And the meaning of colour
  17. In politics, red means a socialist/left leaning party, almost exclusively around the world
  18. And blue means the opposite
  19. I think Those two things, just taken by themselves,
  20. Are pretty fascinating
  21. Before you even see anything else, a logo, words, anything
  22. The colour of something is already influencing you
  23. And beyond politics, the psychology behind colour goes even deeper than that
  24. Believe or not
  25. When you see a colour
  26. Just the simple act of a colour bouncing off of your retina
  27. The it being processed by your brain
  28. This still starts to influence you, and do all kinds of things to your mood, your hunger levels, your priorities
  29. It’s really quite crazy when you think about it
  30. And maybe just a little bit creepy
  31. Fast food companies are the absolute masters at using colour to great influencing effect
  32. Let’s take the colour red again
  33. It’s been proven that the colour red stimulates appetite
  34. That’s why so many fast food logos
  35. Burger King, McDonalds, KFC
  36. Are all predominantly red
  37. And you have not a single say on how the colour red influences you
  38. Because it’s programmed into your brain already
  39. And it’s programmed to instinctually think things when presented with stimuli
  40. Red and yellow used together, as they so often are in fast food restaurants, represents speed
  41. And also, yellow is one of the most visible colours you can choose at any time of day, but especially in daylight, which is why McDonalds chose it for their giant M arches all around the globe
  42. And because red and yellow has become so well known in fast food
  43. Any other fast food places that open also pick these colours
  44. Perpetuating the standard that fast food restaurants should be red and yellow
  45. And as more and more fast food restaurants pop up using these colours
  46. The more you associate red and yellow with fast food
  47. It’s genius really
  48. One other point that’s interesting though
  49. Is how a lot of McDonalds have started implementing the colour green in their restaurants now
  50. I’m not sure if it’s a worldwide thing, but this is a thing in the UK
  51. They haven’t picked a garish green, they’ve picked a dark olive green
  52. An earthy green
  53. And this gives McDonalds immediately a much different impression
  54. They’ve also upgraded to wooden tables and benches in a lot of their restaurants too
  55. It gives off lots of new impressions of McDonalds
  56. Mainly around quality
  57. It makes you think about natural foods, and the environment
  58. Lots of natural foods and vegetarian products use dark greens in their packaging
  59. And it’s no accident McDonalds have chosen this as they’ve also been banging the “100% chicken and beef” marketing drum
  60. The green also makes McDonalds feel more adult
  61. And maybe a little bit more like a place to relax like a coffee shop
  62. And not just a crappy fast food restaurant for crappy fast food
  63. When you think about colour theory and the psychology of colour
  64. There isn’t many greater examples than looking at fast food joints.
  65. Next time you see a colour in a restaurant
  66. Have a think what it’s trying to say to you
  67. Because I guarantee
  68. It’s trying to say more to you than you could ever possibly imagine
  69. And it’s probably saying more to your subconscious mind
  70. Than you even care to admit
  71. MUSIC
  72. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  73. Music featured in this episode was:
    1. 7-La hache et le canoë by Pousse Mousse
    2. 4-Roulé-boulé-boulé by Pousse Mousse
    3. Dans la batterie solo by Frederic Lardon feat Laura Palmée
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  76. I’m back tomorrow

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