Episode #149
Everything Is A Work In Progress


Once you start to appreciate that nothing is ever finished, you’ll live a little easier.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Mayr Hayastan/Dilijan feat. Flower Gear (VDCJ Mix part 1) by Diezel Tea
  2. I hate mashed potatoes by Pousse Mousse
  3. Drift Away (instrumental) by Pachyderm

Line-by-line notes

  1. As designers
  2. We have a habit of being hyper critical
  3. It’s natural to look back at a thing you’ve made
  4. And think
  5. Well, that could have been better
  6. And maybe I could have tweaked that a bit
  7. It’s normal to think like this
  8. And once you accept one thing, it’s easier to deal with it too.
  9. Everything is a work in progress.
  10. Fast food
  11. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  12. I’ve got something to admit to
  13. I’m the worst finisher in the world
  14. Now before you start giggling
  15. I mean I’m rubbish at finishing anything
  16. I’m an ideas person through and through
  17. I think of an idea, and I can see it all the way through to completion
  18. In my mind
  19. I’m an amazing thinker
  20. And I’m amazing at getting excited about new ideas too
  21. And then I’m amazing at staying up until 3am to get started on it
  22. Because of the way I think, I always start with the names
  23. Then the branding
  24. In fact, I was doing this only last night until about 12.30am
  25. Way past my bed time on a school night
  26. Being able to start a million projects and finish none of them used to really annoy me
  27. I used to inwardly shout at myself
  28. Why can’t you finish anything?
  29. In fact, the only thing I’m good at finishing is 365 days challenges
  30. And some of them I’ve failed at too
  31. I used to think like this a lot, and it started to get me down
  32. I decided the only way to get out of it, was to take a break from producing so much stuff
  33. So a couple of years ago, I took a while off
  34. As you can probably guess, it didn’t work
  35. I was approaching this all wrong
  36. And then it clicked what was so wrong
  37. I never realised, everything is a work in progress
  38. And you should be looking at doing lots of little things, often
  39. I was looking at all the things I wanted to do
  40. All the ideas I had
  41. All the projects I wanted to complete
  42. I want to learn guitar
  43. I want to lift this much weight
  44. Run this far
  45. Do this thing or that
  46. I was always looking at the end goal
  47. And when you’re trying to do so much
  48. And when that end goal is so far away
  49. That kind of thinking just doesn’t work
  50. You have to learn to love the process
  51. If your desire is to learn the guitar
  52. Your goal shouldn’t be to learn the guitar
  53. It should be to turn up, 3 times a week, and play some guitar
  54. The goal isn’t the end goal, the goal IS the process
  55. Because by following the process, you automatically get the goal without even realising
  56. This kind of thinking isn’t revolutionary
  57. Learning to love the process is something that lots of people have known for years
  58. But just appreciating it in your life a little more
  59. And knowing everything is a work in progress
  60. Lets you live a little easier every day
  61. And you turn up, enjoying every single day
  62. And who doesn’t want that?
  63. MUSIC
  64. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  65. Music featured in this episode was:
    1. Mayr Hayastan/Dilijan feat. Flower Gear (VDCJ Mix part 1) by Diezel Tea
    2. I hate mashed potatoes by Pousse Mousse
    3. Drift Away (instrumental) by Pachyderm
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