Episode #151
Uncut and Unscripted – 11 Things I’ve Learned In 11 Years – The Last 6 Years


In 150 episodes, I’m about to do something I’ve never done. Go uncut and unscripted.
Each episode I normally record of AADA is carefully planned and written. Then I go out and find some music to fit that episode. Then I cut out the bits where I mess up. It takes a long time.
I’ve been plotting this episode for a long time. I’ve spent a long time thinking about my 11 best things I’ve learned in the first 11 years of my career as a designer.
This episode didn’t feel like it deserved to be carefully edited. I turned on my recorder, and started talking. What you’re listening to is the result of that.
For anybody that this episode might interest, I felt they deserved to hear me being honest, and talking from the heart.
  1. You don’t know everything when you’re 18
  2. You’re not good at something when you first start it
  3. Side projects are probably the most important thing in your career
  4. Building a network of friends is really important too
  5. Every agency does things differently
  6. You’ve got to adapt
  7. Everything isn’t always fun, or perfect, or all roses
  8. Find enjoyable work, even if your job isn’t always fun
  9. Don’t rely on motivation, rely on discipline
  10. Read everything
  11. Never stop learning

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