Episode #153
The Complicated Future of The Web Designer


The web is getting more and more complicated, but where does that leave people trying to learn the trade?

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  3. Conviction by Little Glass Men

Line-by-line notes

  1. I don’t like making this podcast a look back on the golden days
  2. But today warrants a revisit
  3. When I first started making websites
  4. An embarrassingly long time ago now
  5. Some 16 years ago
  6. There were really only 2 things you needed to make one
  7. HTML
  8. And CSS
  9. Some people were still using tables for layout, but that’s a different story for a different day
  10. And now, in 2017, you need way more than that
  11. Git, terminal, grunt, gulp, npm, package managers, jquery, JavaScript, Vue.js, deployment commands
  12. It isn’t simple to make a website anymore
  13. This episode is all about my belief that the web is getting too complicated
  14. This is AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  15. MUSIC
  16. Yes, before you say it, you COULD still make a website out of just HTML and CSS these days
  17. When I make a website for myself, I usually like sticking to just these two simple things
  18. But if you rocked up to a web agency up and down the land tomorrow looking for a job
  19. And they asked you what you knew
  20. And you replied with HTML, CSS, and I know FTP to upload it
  21. They wouldn’t be very impressed, and you’d be unlikely to get a job
  22. Let’s get this straight,  for most agencies, they now expect more
  23. From graduates, they expect a lot of complicated technical knowledge
  24. Things like Git, task runners, setting up Terminal and using the Terminal are just the tip of the iceberg
  25. And I’d argue that this knowledge is expected
  26. And honestly, we’ve done this to ourselves
  27. The web industries desire to continue to push the boundaries, and to continue to get better
  28. To use faster and more efficient technologies
  29. To use better methodologies
  30. Has brought about a massive technological barrier to the web design game
  31. The rise of the role of a “front end developer” has lead to the development of lots of obscure and difficult to learn technologies
  32. I know all this, because I’ve tried to teach this stuff
  33. I’ve kept it simple too
  34. Things like basic Git commands, basic Grunt stuff, basic terminal commands
  35. And all of this goes of the head of nearly everybody I’ve tried teaching this to
  36. We’re in this industry every day, and I don’t think we’ve realised how complicated we’ve made things
  37. I genuinely don’t think we’ve realised it
  38. Even responsive web design is difficult to teach people, and a difficult concept for a young designer and a young web developer to understand
  39. Over the past five years, we’ve seen the front end side of building a website
  40. Just the HTML and CSS stuff
  41. Take lots of hints and tips from the “real” development community
  42. And all that is really good
  43. Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here
  44. PRogress is good
  45. And progress is necessary
  46. And the web design industry has matured a lot
  47. But in our obsessive effort to get better and introduce better technologies
  48. We’ve forgotten how the hell we can teach this complicated stuff to the people who’ll be replacing us in 10, 20 years time
  49. We’ve forgotten that this stuff IS complex, no matter what we think
  50. I usually like to end on an answer
  51. A simple solution that could fix everything that I’ve just been talking about
  52. One simple thing that could make everybody understand our job easier
  53. But unfortunately, I don’t have it
  54. Our industry does need to keep getting more technologically advanced
  55. And we need to move with the times and the technology that is available to us
  56. And we do absolutely need young people coming up though the web industry
  57. So the answer just isn’t…easy
  58. Or the answer isn’t even there
  59. I guess all I’m trying to say
  60. Is just think of the kids man
  61. When you’re making your next website, and you’re implementing lots of time-saving, life changing technologies
  62. Think of all the young designers, developers, juniors, interns, placements
  63. And think how you’d teach this to them
  64. Can you even do it? Is it even possible?
  65. If we don’t figure out a way as an industry, we’ll be dead in 40 years
  66. And that’s no fun, is it?
  67. MUSIC
  68. This was AADA, and I’m Craig Burgess
  69. Music featured in this episode was from
    1. A Walk by Mystery Mammal
    2. Lonely Satellite by Mystery Mammal
    3. Conviction by Little Glass Men
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