Episode #156
The 80 Day Hump


I’m changing my podcast again. Here’s why.

Scribbled Shownotes

  • I feel like I’m going through an existential crisis. What do I want my podcast to be?
  • Last episode, I cut out a big chunk talking about this because I wasn’t sure I was ready to say it, and I think it was boring too.
  • I spoke about my shifting mindset towards podcasting
  • My rising desire to do more conversation podcasts
  • And how I’ve been getting more like an audio diary lately and enjoying the format
  • I’ve started to see AADA as my podcast. I’m not doing it for anybody else
  • I’m not brave enough to call it The Craig Burgess Podcast
  • So far in my eyes I’ve done two seasons
  • The first season, episode 1-80, was all about information to help people with their marketing
  • The second season,episode 81-now, is all about doing my podcast my way, a heavily produced thing
  • And now, I’ve got the desire to do season 3, an audio diary of sorts
  • From probably tomorrow, I’ll be switching to season 3
  • Ill be talking about design still, but no scripts
  • No music
  • No promotion, just me and the mic
  • Talking about stuff
  • I’m interested to find out if it makes my download numbers go down or up
  • And to see if you find it more interesting or more boring
  • Let’s see.

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