Episode #171
Would You Trust A Fat Personal Trainer?


I’m not going to reveal anything here today. You’ll have to listen to find out.

Scribbled Shownotes

  • Should you trust somebody who tells you everything you should do, but doesn’t appear to have any outward evidence that they can do it?
  • Take the example of a fat personal trainer. They might be the best personal trainer that’s ever existed, but the fact that they’re fat can’t be ignored.
  • Why, with all their knowledge and insight, would a personal trainer be unhealthy?
  • Should it put you off? Would it put you off?
  • I do a lot of preaching on my podcast about marketing, design, social media etc, but I actually don’t do some of this either.
  • Genius Division don’t blog, rarely tweet or use Facebook. We have the luxury of getting 100% of our work from referrals, but it doesn’t mean that’s right.
  • It’s a hard decision to make, because even though outwardly a business may not be practicing what it preaches, that doesn’t necessarily mean the advice they give should be any less quality.
  • Something to think about.

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