Episode #180
So, what do you do for a living?


This is the episode where I show what I giant contradiction of experience I have. I talk about what I do for a living. P.S. I forget to mention podcasting…

Scribbled Shownotes

  • I’m a designer
    1. Which means I’m a graphic designer
    2. A branding guy
    3. A web designer
    4. A UX designer
    5. A UI designer
  • I’m a developer
  • I’m a creative
  • I’m a marketer
  • I’m a somewhat SEO person (basic stuff)
  • I’m a teacher
  • I’m an agency owner, and sort of a boss
    1. And a new business sort of guy
    2. And a director
  • I’m a fitness enthusiast and still trying to find a way to transfer this knowledge into a job
  • I’m constantly reinventing myself and so is my industry.

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