Episode #181
Is The Role Of A Designer Dying?


In the tech-heavy world we live in now, is the role of the designer dying out?

Scribbled Shownotes

  1. I’m a designer
  2. Which makes me bias on the following topic a little bit
  3. I don’t think the role of the designer is dying
  4. But it’s definitely changing
  5. Design is so important
  6. And as more and more digital products are made
  7. And more things like Facebook, Instagram and snapchat makes loads of money
  8. We need more designers than ever
  9. But designers need to get more technical
  10. Because that’s where the industry is going
  11. We’ll still always need good graphic designers
  12. And good designers who can design brands
  13. But we need more technical designers more than ever
  14. So my bet right now for the next five years
  15. Is to diversify your design skill
  16. And become more technical
  17. In another 10 years time everything will probably change back again
  18. So if you want to play the long game
  19. Ignore everything I’ve said

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