Episode #184
TechTown Junior Hack Day Roundup


I went to a hack day a few days ago in Barnsley where the attendees were all school kids. I have to tell you about this.

Scribbled Shownotes

  • I did a talk about creativity as a job at a local junior hack day event a few days ago in Barnsley
  • The event brought together school age kids, around 11-14 to answer problems with design thinking
  • The 3 ideas shown off were great, and more importantly the creativity was awesome
  • A washing machine that did your washing and other household chores
  • A bluetooth alarm clock that could connect with other connected tech in your house like WiFi lights, kettles and curtains
  • And an alarm that you have to step on to get it to stop. It was basically a mat you’d leave outside of your bed. The name was the best thing. Up N Mat Em
  • There was a couple of activities as well, like making magnetic slime with Ruth Amos, who runs the YouTube channel Kids Invent Things
  • Making solar panel cars with Kisha Bradley from My Bright Toys
  • And Alison Buxton showed the kids how to make a simple circuit to make badges that light up (I didn’t see the other things)
  • It was a great day and so good to see this kind of thing happening in Barnsley.
  • And also it was great to introduce the kids to so many potential job opportunities that just let you be creative.

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