Episode #19
When should I stop chasing my dream?


This is my old style of podcast before I drastically changed the style of it. This was when I was making educational and information podcasts about design, marketing and business. Feel free to listen to it, but my new style of podcast started from Episode 80.

Today’s question is very different to the previous questions I’ve answered, but I liked the challenge of it. Hayden asked me:

“When realistically does it become too late to follow a dream when that same dream relies on credentials achieved by people ten years younger than you”

In this episode, I didn’t write an outline, I just spoke for a few minutes about my opinions about chasing dreams, and if you should ever stop.


  • 1:02 – The question
  • 1:28 – Don’t stop chasing
  • 4:25 – Age is an advantage
  • 6:16 – Patience
  • 7:40 – Conclusion

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