Episode #193
This week: The Power of the Internet


This week I’ve got a theme!

Scribbled Shownotes

  • This week, I’m talking all about the power of the internet.
  • I’ve decided to look more in-depth at a huge topic—the internet—and talk about my thoughts and feelings to do with lots of things.
  • I won’t just be looking at the positive power of the internet, I’ll be looking at the negative side too.
  • Here’s what I’ll be covering in the next 7 days:
    • 194 – Internet-based businesses are making are killing and you should be paying attention
    • 195 – The Social Media Like Is Ruining Our Lives…
    • 196 – …But The Social Media Like Is A Powerful Business Tool
    • 197 – Anybody can be an expert on the internet
    • 198 – From The Industrial Revolution to The Consumption Regression
    • 199 – How easy it can be to set up an online business with the right product
    • 200 – How savvy businesses are using the internet to make their marketing easier

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