Episode #194
Internet Based Businesses Are Making A Killing: You Should Pay Attention

It’s unbelievable how much money some people are making with the internet. Let me introduce you to some.


Scribbled Shownotes

  • The internet isn’t just a consumption machine. It’s not just a place to find funny cat pictures, youtube videos and blogs.
  • The internet is the business playground for some many businesses that get it.
    • asos.com – $1.4 billion
    • airbnb.com – $1.7 billion
    • TripAdvisor – $1.5 billion
    • Amazon – $135 billion
    • Facebook – $27 billion
    • Google/Alphabet – $90 billion
  • You aren’t going to start by making billions, but you have to sit up and take notice of these numbers.
    • By comparison, Apple made $215 billion last year
  • The biggest internet companies aren’t far off these numbers.
  • What can you do online differently?

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