Episode #205
Designing For The Coffee Queue

What does it mean to design a website for the coffee queue?


Scribbled Shownotes

  1. In episode 204, I touched on the importance of mobile
  2. I said a phrase that really caught my thinking, and I wanted to consider it more in-depth
  3. The coffee queue is just an analogy really to help you consider how people use websites in reality. People use their phones whilst:
    1. Killing time waiting for a friend
    2. Stood waiting for the traffic lights to change (in cars and outside of cars)
    3. Waking up on a morning
    4. Going to bed on a night
    5. Waiting for an appointment
    6. Bored at the dinner table
    7. Generally we use it as an all encompassing time waster
  4. The idea of designing a website for the coffee queue
    1. The user isn’t fully engaged
    2. They want the content as quick as possible
    3. They’ll be on a mobile phone
    4. They’ll likely have a poor internet connection
    5. They want to find something out
    6. They want to be engaged, intrigued, interested, surprised
    7. They won’t do anything complicated, and likely will forget to complete anything that is
  5. It’s a powerful way of thinking about the next website you’re involved in.

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