Episode #21
How do you find new work?


This is my old style of podcast before I drastically changed the style of it. This was when I was making educational and information podcasts about design, marketing and business. Feel free to listen to it, but my new style of podcast started from Episode 80.

I was asked by Andy:

“Where does most of your work come from and what do you do, and how much time do you spend doing whatever it is you do, to help generate awareness and business?”

I shortened it to a more simplistic title, but in this episode I discuss finding new work, what works for me, and some techniques to think about.


  • 0:44 – When we first started…
  • 2:08 – What kind of clients do you want?
  • 2:54 – Referrals
  • 4:22 – Providing value
  • 6:08 – Frequent contact marketing
  • 8:52 – Work hard and be nice

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