Episode #210
The Difference Between Obama’s and Trumps Branding and Marketing

Today I look at the difference between Trump and Obama.


Scribbled Shownotes

  1. Now Trump is a bit of a way into his presidency, I thought it’d be fun to compare him to Obama in terms of his design and marketing strategy
  2. It’s fair to say Trump’s strategy has been mostly a car crash, but there’s some interesting comparisons when compared to Obama
  3. The two different markets: the “right” market, and the “left” market
    1. One uses words like “change we can believe in”, “belief”, “truth”, “change”
    2. The other uses things like “fake news”, “the swamp”, ‘things need to change”
  4. Obama’s design strategy https://www.obama.org/
  5. Trump’s design strategy  https://www.donaldjtrump.com/

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