Episode #211
Feeling Uninspired? Me too.

Today I talk about feeling uninspired and wanting to give up.


Scribbled Shownotes

  1. Throughout my 211 episodes, I’ve talked sporadically about inspiration and motivation
  2. In episode 95 I discussed the idea of inspiration, or at least how designers understand the phrase.
  3. I’ve spoken variously in other episodes about the idea of motivation, and how we shouldn’t wait for it or seek it before we do something.
  4. Discipline wins out every time when motivation isn’t there, and that’s something I ranted about in episode 183.
  5. Feeling uninspired happens. A couple of weeks ago I went through a period of not wanting to make my podcast. I’d got bored of the format, the things I was talking about, and how it was progressing.
  6. One week later, I was happy again.
  7. Feeling uninspired is like any other feeling: it’s fleeting. Just ride it out with a bit of discipline and just get to work.

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