Episode #221
The Tactic Nearly Everybody Uses (and will always use) To Make Money On The Internet

I’m not talking about sleazy tactics. I mean: why should you be giving away all your content for free?


Scribbled Shownotes

  1. I don’t like talking about making money on the internet, because it feels dirty to say it
  2. Some people will get the wrong impression, and think I’m talking about dodgy methods
  3. But that’s not what I’m talking about today
  4. I’m talking about creating content
  5. I’ve spoken about this this week a lot, as it’s what I’m focusing on this week
  6. The simplest and most effective tactic is this
  7. Give away all your secrets and content for free, and charge to implement it
  8. It works for nearly every business
  9. And if it doesn’t work for your business, a BIT of it will
  10. Give away SOME of your content and secrets
  11. Give away insane amounts of value
  12. Make people WANT to come back to your website for more free stuff

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