Episode #237
Why Are You Blogging/Podcasting/Making Videos?

Yes you’re making a podcast or a blog. But WHY are you doing it and what do you want to achieve?


Scribbled Shownotes

  1. I listened to a great episode of Cliff Ravencraft’s podcast the other day where he spoke about making a podcast
  2. He said a lot of people that come to him have got it the wrong way around
  3. They made a podcast, but didn’t do it for a reason
  4. There was nothing for a listener to then jump off to afterwards
  5. This is fine for for-fun podcasts, but what about the marketing ones?
  6. Why are you doing your content marketing? What are you ultimately trying to market?
My personal reasons for doing a podcast
  1. You all know: I started my podcast in January as a challenge and “marketing experiment”
  2. I didn’t have anything to sell though
  3. I enjoy it and that’s one of the most important things
  4. A new goal of mine is to freely share everything I learn
  5. It helps me build an audience – 1000 Fans by Kevin Kelly
Let’s flip the question around
  1. But let me turn the question to you: why are YOU doing these things?
  2. Or why are you NOT doing?
  3. A reason is important
  4. For years, I didn’t have a reason, so I didn’t do it
  5. Now I want to share, I have a reason

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