Episode #238
The Faceless Man: Why People Struggle To Truly Engage With Brands

Yes, The Faceless Man is from Game of Thrones and it’s nice to include it in my podcast title.


Scribbled Shownotes

  1. Lots of companies get content marketing wrong
  2. They get marketing wrong too
  3. They try to market their business
  4. And they try to get people to engage with their business
  5. The problem is: PEOPLE ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE
  6. Look at Apple: Steve Jobs, Jony Ive, Tim Cook
  7. Why do they put spokespeople out for a massive company?
  8. Because people don’t engage with brands, even ones as powerful as Apple
  9. I’m interested in Apple, but I don’t follow Apple on Twitter
  10. Stop trying to make your business into a thing people want to engage with
  11. Make your people the thing that people will engage with

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