Episode #239
7 Reasons NOT To Start a Podcast

I’m going to be negative today and tell you why you shouldn’t start a podcast.


Scribbled Shownotes

  1. Back in #227 I spoke about starting a podcast
  2. Today, this is 7 reasons NOT to start a podcast
  3. I’m going to be negative
7 Reasons
  1. LOTS of people do podcasts. Rather too many do: it’s a crowded market
  2. People still don’t get podcasting
  3. If you’re not a natural speaker, it might harm you
  4. It isn’t the easiest way to build an audience – it takes lots of time
  5. It’s hard to work out the size of your audience – no real stats means no real insights
  6. I can’t make people take action: linking to stuff is hard
  7. They take a lot of time and you have to be passionate about it

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