Episode #241
The Last Ever Episode

This is the last ever episode of AADA. Today I explain what’s next, and how to find it.


Scribbled Shownotes

  1. Why this is the last ever episode
  2. What’s next
  3. Upper Limit Beliefs (The Big Leap book)
  4. I’m not just a designer
  5. The reason for a new name and new domain
    1. Different audience
    2. Different people will listen to it
    3. I want to talk about more stuff, but not delete this podcast
  6. Introducing GET DOING THINGS
    1. Mindset
    2. Marketing
    3. Design
    4. How all 3 connect together, and how 1 doesn’t work without the others
  7. I still haven’t recorded the first episode…
  8. Or made the website…
  9. Tomorrow is episode 1 of GET DOING THINGS
  10. You’ll have to resubscribe to a new podcast
  11. It’s called Get Doing Things
  12. New domain: get doing things dot com

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