Episode #31
How do you stay motivated to do a podcast a day?


This is my old style of podcast before I drastically changed the style of it. This was when I was making educational and information podcasts about design, marketing and business. Feel free to listen to it, but my new style of podcast started from Episode 80.

To some people, it might seem like a gargantuan feat that I’m writing, recording and editing a podcast a day. Today, I’m going to explain some of my methods for staying motivated that might help you too.


  • 0:29 – My method of motivation
  • 1:04 – My daily schedule
  • 2:37 – Batching
  • 3:41 – What a day looks like
  • 6:58 – Finding your way
  • 7:34 – How I discovered my way of getting motivated
  • 8:55 – Failure

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