Episode #81
The Design Disease

In what’s effectively Episode One all over again, I talk about The Design Disease.

Line-by-line notes (sometimes these are neat, sometimes they’re hard to read)

  2. Picture the scene. I’m 14, sat in my bedroom doodling the WWF logo over and over.
  3. I was interested in wrestling, it was called the WWF back then, before the real WWF got into legal wrangles with the World Wrestling Federation and it became the WWE.
  4. I used to love wrestling
  5. I didn’t realise it all the way back then
  6. But I was designing something. I was reproducing the WWF logo over and over on a piece of paper, practising the drawing of my VHS case I was going to draw later
  7. I taped ever pay per view and saved them.
  8. That’s when my Design Disease started
  9. This is Ask a Designer Anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  10. Stop. Let’s fast forward a bit.
  11. FAST FORWARD SOUND EFFECT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG1MMv8bpyc
  12. I’m 18. I’m starting my design education formally.
  13. I’d never done any art subjects before, next year I was going to be a police officer. I was only doing this to fill a gap.
  14. I’d started to LOVE design
  15. I mean, really love it
  16. Developing a sense of the designer’s eye, and never looking at things the same way again.
  17. This guy knows all about that
  18. PLAY MICHAEL BIERUT INTRO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NuKb9mk0ac&t=284s
  19. That’s Michael Bierut, Partner at Pentagram. It’s from his talk about design that he gave at Google. He’s a big deal.
  20. I’ll let him carry on
  22. That’s design, and this is what I was starting to realise. Some people call this The Design Disease.
  23. It’s not a bad thing
  24. Don’t be put off by the disease
  25. I’m not sick
  26. crappy superpower
  27. Flickr Group – The Design Disease https://www.flickr.com/groups/thedesigndisease/
  28. I think Ben Terret, Group Design Director at The Co-Op invented it on his blog,
  29. Noisy Decent Graphics http://noisydecentgraphics.typepad.com/
  30. It’s good, you should check it out.
  31. But what is The Design Disease?
  32. You can’t see things normally anymore
  33. You see missing apostrophes everywhere
  34. Colour clashes
  35. Misaligned logos
  36. Crappy logos
  37. Good logos
  38. You want to tell the world
  39. But nobody else really cares

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