Episode #82
The Invisible Influencers

What if I told you you’re surrounded by invisible influencers every day of your life?

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  1. 69° 36′ 0″ N, 37° 34′ 0″ E by ASOTWL
  2. wave wash by Ketsa
  3. End Titles by Itsensäsyöjät

Line-by-line notes

  2. What if I told you you’re surrounded by invisible influences every day of your life?
  3. Would you believe me?
  4. Do you think I’m a mad conspiracy theorist?
  5. Or are you imagining being surrounded by a million Darren Browns?
  6. The world is full of this thing. It’s used for good, for evil, and for everything in between.
  7. Some are done well, and some not so well.
  8. In fact, you’ll be wearing a few of these invisible influencers right now.
  9. You might even be using one.
  10. Let me introduce you to the power of brands.
  11. This is Ask a Designer Anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  13. Brands, they’re a funny thing
  14. Some are good, like Apple or BMW
  15. Some are bad, like Microsoft’s used to be, and Donald Trump’s currently is
  16. Some are designed for evil, such as Bond villain baddies like Blofeld, or real world baddies like the Nazis or Al Queda
  17. They’re all brands though, and each one makes you think of something
  18. Emits an emotion, or a feeling inside you
  19. I can already hear you
  20. You might not know what a brand is
  21. What’s a brand?
  22. Well, people get confused by them, that’s for sure, as this guy realised.
  24. That’s Morgan Spurlock from his TED talk, The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold
  25. Yeah, he’s the Supersize Me Guy.
  26. He interviewed some people about their brand.
  28. The personality of an organisation
  29. It combines graphic design, public relations, web design, interior design into a cohesive impression
  30. Good brands are well, good
  31. A good brand is what put the first black president in the white house, and what helped Martin Luther King convince people
  32. Both used much rhetoric and oratory skill too
  33. Good brands is what makes Apple xx billion a year
  34. Bad brands are, well, just plain bad
  35. It’s what loses elections
  36. It’s what caused Microsoft to be hated by certain people for so many years
  37. It’s why oil companies like BP and people like Donald Trump struggle to gain public approval
  38. That, and they’re both evil
  39. It why everybody hates nickleback
  40. That’s what makes them so interesting
  41. And so powerful
  42. A good brand can mean the difference between making a fortune and losing a fortune
  43. A good brand, like Apple, can have scary power over its followers
  44. There’s so many fan boys out there
  45. Especially of Apple
  46. That you can literally get your audience to buy inferior products each year to buy into the brand
  47. Inverted commas
  48. They’re scary, fascinating, powerful all in equal measures
  49. And were surrounded by them, everywhere, every day, without even realising.
  51. This was Ask a Designer Anything. I’m Craig Burgess.
  52. Music featured in this episode was 69° 36′ 0″ N, 37° 34′ 0″ E by ASOTWL,  End Titles by Itsensäsyöjät, Wave Wash by Ketsa
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  54. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything

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