Episode #84
I’m Not Creative

I hear the words “I’m not creative” so much. Here’s why you’re wrong when you think you’re not creative.

Music from this episode

  1. Moon Walk by Jii-Music
  2. Readers! Do You Read? by Chris Zabriskie
  3. Manchester A666 by simon_mathewson

Line-by-line notes

  2. The word creativity is a confused word
  3. A creative accountant is a dodgy one
  4. But somebody who solves a problem creatively is seen is thinking outside the box
  5. I hate that phrase by the way
  6. Sometimes the things I do is often called creative
  7. Sometimes I’m referred to as The Creative
  8. Or the work I produce is The Creative that’s being supplied
  9. The truth is much more boring
  10. It’s not creative, it’s just something I’ve made with the years of training and experience
  11. This is Ask a Designer Anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  13. Creativity is sometimes confused for passion
  14. And I think that if you get that passion smashed out of you at an early age
  15. That free form of expression that tells you it’s OK to do stupid shit
  16. It’s OK to draw or make something that’s naff
  17. If that gets beaten out of you early on, you think you’re not creative anymore
  18. This guy agrees too.
  20. That’s David Kelley, founder of IDEO, in his TED talk, How to build creative confidence
  21. He tells a familiar story
  23. I find that story really sad
  24. Not just sad in a way that you’d be sad if your sports team lost a vital match
  25. Sad, deep down, really deep down
  26. Sad for humanity
  27. Sad that, right there, that David’s best friend Brian got all of his future creativity stolen from him right there
  28. Now, David’s best friend Brian goes through his life saying words I hear too often
  29. I’m not creative
  30. I could never do what you do
  31. Look at that
  32. How did you do that?
  33. They treat me like Houdini
  34.  showing his greatest trick
  35. By the way, Houdini was a magician as well as an escape artist.
  36. Just if you’re wondering right there why I did say greatest escape…
  37. When people react like that
  38. I get treated as a prodigy
  39. Like I’m something special that they could NEVER DREAM of becoming
  40. More often than not though, it’s just confidence
  41. Or lack of it
  42. I don’t mean the confidence to be good creativity
  43. Because being creative isn’t something that you HAVE to be good or bad at
  44. Some people have millions of ideas and never do anything with them
  45. And some people have one idea and execute on it and make a fortune
  46. No, I mean the confidence, or the intrigue or sense of adventure to DARE to pursue something creative
  47. Something like drawing, or knitting, or playing guitar, or a million other creative pursuits
  48. The thing that’s so powerful about creativity is the art of MAKING SOMETHING
  49. We’re turning too much into consumption machines
  50. When we wake up on a morning, at lunch time or on our breaks or spare moments, we load up Facebook
  51. Then we scroll
  52. Endlessly scroll
  53. Consuming pointless shit that doesn’t matter and won’t change your life
  54. The act of being creative, of making something no matter what it is
  55. Switches on another side of your brain and just feels good
  56. Like I said yesterday, it’s good for your soul
  57. What I do, a graphic designer, is seen as magic
  58. Or its seen as that magical elixir that only a chosen few can ever attain
  59. That’s handed down through the bloodline, or that 1 in 1000 people get
  60. The truth is, it’s moving shapes around on pieces of paper to create an effect that serves a purpose
  61. A strategic plonker we say jokingly in the office
  62. The real truth is
  63. Everybody is creative
  64. Creativity is the act of creating something
  65. And it’s something that we do less of as we get older
  66. As the years tick on and the world expects us to be more serious
  67. We don’t have time for the colours and the shapes
  68. But if we’re not to let our brains rot away
  69. We need to stop letting ourselves believe we’re not creative
  70. And start just being creative
  71. Making more stuff
  72. Doing more things
  73. And stop wearing our thumbs out endlessly scrolling on our phones
  74. OUTRO – Manchester A666
  75. This was Ask a Designer Anything. I’m Craig Burgess.
  76. Music featured in this episode was Moon Walk by Jii-Music, Readers, Do you Read by Chris Zabriskie and this track playing right now, Manchester A666 by Simon Mathewson
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  78. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything

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