Episode #87
Can design save the world?

Does humble graphic design have the power to change the world? And what about other forms of design?

Music and links from this episode

  1. The Passive Vaccine Storage Device
  2. Chantiers Navals 412 by LJ Kruger
  3. Led by the dress colored in red by Augustus Bro & Gallery Six
  4. Midori by Beat Culture

Line-by-line notes

  2. I don’t want to get political
  3. But I can say with a certain amount of objectivity
  4. That crazy stuff is happening in the world right now
  5. The UK is in turmoil and about to leave the EU
  6. The USA has a new president that isn’t like any of the old presidents
  7. The world is in a really weird place
  8. I don’t pretend that my job
  9. As a graphic designer
  10. Could solve ANY of that
  11. I’m not iron man or superman
  12. I’m not going to be saving the world any day soon with my unbelievable abilities
  13. But I do believe design can save the world
  14. Or at the very least
  15. Stop it from eating itself alive
  16. This is ask a designer anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  18. Design, like lots of other tools in the world
  19. Can be used for good, for evil, or just used accidentally
  20. In the accidental hands, you’ll get design that you find confusing
  21. In evil’s hands, you’ll get design that evokes a feeling
  22. In the hands of the good though, design can be really powerful
  23. Design is all around you, all of the time
  24. It’s used to guide you through a train station
  25. It’s used to tell you to buy a ticket over here
  26. Then move over to this place to look at when your train arrives
  27. It’s then used to tell you to stand here at this platform
  28. Then it’s used to make sure you don’t walk in front of a train
  29. If you did walk in front of a train
  30. And injure yourself badly
  31. Design is used to make sure you know how to dial the emergency services on your phone
  32. It’s then used when you get to the hospital to guide the doctors to your location
  33. And it’s used when you get your medicine to make sure you get the right levels
  34. Design is everywhere
  35. And it’s probably embedded deeper than you ever even chose to consider
  36. Design isn’t just a tool used by large organisations to market you products you don’t need
  37. No, it’s used to save lives
  38. Think about drip tape
  39. If you’ve never heard of drip tape, it’s that thin perforated plastic strip they sell at the garden centre
  40. It’s used to deliver water directly to a plant’s roots
  41. It might sound like a simple thing
  42. But it’s one of the biggest and most important advancements in farming for the past 80 years
  43. It massively reduces the amount of water industrial farmers need to use
  44. And enables them to grow more crops with less water
  45. Want more examples?
  46. Take Global Good’s Passive Vaccine Storage Device
  47. It’s a completely insulated container that helps keep vaccines fresh for nearly 2 months
  48. And it does all this with just 16 pounds of ice
  49. That’s all product design though, and industrial design
  50. Us humble graphic designers might not have the same impact on the world
  51. But graphic design has without a doubt made life easier for millions of people
  52. Take Harry Beck’s revolutionary London Underground map
  53. He made a system that anybody could understand
  54. When he made the original map in 1931
  55. It might have changed somewhat since then
  56. But the core principles have stayed the same
  57. Designers have the power to save the world
  58. Just by thinking like designers
  59. And solving problems that most people don’t have the capacity to solve
  60. Design doesn’t just have the potential to change the world
  61. It already is
  63. This was Ask a Designer Anything. I’m Craig Burgess.
  64. Music featured in this episode was Chantiers Navals 412 by LJ Kruger, Led by the dress colored in red by Augustus Bro & Gallery Six and this track playing right now, Midori by Beat Culture
  65. For a line-by-line run down of this episode, go to askadesigneranything.com/ep87
  66. I need to give a very special thank you to Corey Moore today, for massively helping me improve the audio of my new style of podcast
  67. He taught me some audio stuff too, and I’m forever indebted to you now.
  68. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything

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