Episode #90
A sketchbook and some hard thinking

Young designers don’t know the power of the sketchbook. Let me schools ya.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Five Minutes at the Rainforest Cafe by Macaw
  2. Flying pea v.1 by Daddy_Scrabble
  3. Backed Vibes Clean by Kevin MacLeod

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. The barrier to becoming a designer
  3. Has never been lower
  4. You need to buy a computer
  5. And not much else
  6. Sure you need a bit of education
  7. From the Internet or otherwise
  8. It’s never been easier to become a “designer”
  9. In inverted commas of course
  10. Right now, it’s really easy to make average design
  11. Even passable design
  12. But to get to the good ideas
  13. You’ve got to persist
  14. This is Ask a Designer Anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  16. I’m going to start by sounding like an old person
  17. But young designers now don’t try hard enough
  18. Ideas are too easily stripped from the internet with one Google search
  19. Young designers have forgotten some of the most basic principles…
  20. That are necessary to tap into your most creative ideas
  21. Finding a young designer that uses a sketchbook with any regularity
  22. Is a rarity
  23. But the power of a sketchbook
  24. The raw power of drawing your ideas on a piece of paper
  25. Is greater than the sum of its parts
  26. Not having a computer in front of you
  27. To instantly download everybody else’s ideas
  28. Makes you think
  29. And develops your creative muscle
  30. Because creativity is a muscle, without a doubt
  31. And the more you use it, the stronger it becomes
  32. The opposite is also true
  33. And when you don’t use sketchbooks, and when you don’t play with ideas
  34. You lose the ability to create good ideas
  35. When I say good ideas, I mean the really good ideas
  36. Not the ideas that everybody else has done before
  37. But the ones that are great, that will stand the test of time
  38. And that aren’t based on current trends of what everybody else is doing
  39. Sometimes those kinds of really good ideas just hit you
  40. And that’s just pure luck
  41. Pure dumb luck
  42. But mostly, they require persistence and some damn hard work
  43. I loathe and love creating new logos in equal measure
  44. I love drawing in my sketchbook and exploring new ideas
  45. But eventually, after an hour or two, I get past the obvious ideas
  46. And I have to start thinking hard
  47. It might not sound difficult drawing in a sketchbook
  48. But when you’ve emptied your brain into it
  49. But none of the ideas on the page are any good
  50. Things get really difficult
  51. I can’t remember the designer that said this
  52. But they said the difference between a average designer, and a really amazing one
  53. Is just persistence and perspiration
  54. An average designer finds their first idea
  55. Stops, and uses it
  56. But A really amazing one
  57. Finds that same first idea..
  58. and then carries on, and sweats to find the really amazing ones hidden deep in the backs of their minds
  59. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes your first idea is great
  60. But really good designers are the ones who grind out those really great ideas
  61. Right after they’ve tried to think of all the average ones
  62. I’m not even sure if you can teach that to a designer
  63. I think we’re all either inherently lazy or inherently persistent
  64. And which one you fall into just depends on genetics
  65. Again, dumb luck
  66. But if you think you’re one of the lazy ones
  67. And if you struggle to come up with good ideas
  68. You need just 3 things
  69. A computer that’s been turned off
  70. A sketchbook
  71. And some damn hard thinking time
  72. OUTRO 
  73. This was Ask a Designer Anything. I’m Craig Burgess.
  74. Music featured in this episode was Five Minutes at the Rainforest Cafe by Macaw, Flying pea v.1 by Daddy_Scrabble, Backed Vibes Clean by Kevin MacLeod
  75. For a line-by-line run down of this episode, go to askadesignernaything.com/ep90
  76. This has been the first week of my new style of ask a designer anything
  77. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it
  78. I’ve got a new website coming soon that better reflects the new style of podcast I’ve been making
  79. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything

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