Episode #92
Here’s to the dreamers

Nothing gets made without dreamers. This episode is all about the dreamers.

Music and links from this episode

  1. NASA sound clips from NASA’s website
  2. Words Or Silence 2 by P C III
  3. Meadow by Little Glass Men
  4. Introduction beats by Itsensäsyöjät

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. Imagine you’ve been tasked to achieve something that’s never been achieved before
  3. You’ve been told you need to safely land humans on to the Moon
  4. Yes, the Moon, in space.
  5. There’s no precedent you can follow
  6. There’s no rules you can just copy and paste
  7. What do you do?
  8. Use a whole lot of creativity
  9. And dream a little
  10. This is for the dreamers.
  11. This is Ask a Designer Anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  13. In 1961, John F Kennedy had a dream.
  14. He wanted to perform a crewed lunar landing and return to the earth
  15. There was a couple of other caveats he wanted to cover as well
  16. Such as a bit of scientific exploration
  17. The deployment of a solar wind experiment
  18. And the real kicker: figure out how to transmit a television signal back to earth
  19. We all know how it played out
  20. In 1969, 8 years later
  21. Apollo 11 launched from Cape Kennedy
  22. With Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Alrdin.
  23. They estimated that 530 million people watched the broadcast on TV
  24. And that’s when we heard these now famous words
  26. Yes, before Apollo 11 there was previous launches to the moon, but Apollo 11 was the first where they actually landed, which added a lot more complexity
  27. But even we think back to the ones before that, how do a group of human beings
  28. Figure out how to do something that’s never been done before?
  29. How do you write AND solve mathematical equations that have never been solved?
  30. How do you make something that can fly to space and back
  31. Without actually ever flying to space and back?
  32. Imagination, creativity, and a whole lot of dreaming
  33. Dreaming is really powerful
  34. And it’s a necessity to ever imagine doing something new
  35. Something truly unprecedented
  36. The dreamers are the people that imagined landing on the moon
  37. Was possible in the first place
  38. And it’s the dreamers that continue to imagine things like
  39. The world’s tallest building, and then making it
  40. Running 30 marathons in 30 days
  41. And it’s the creatives, the designers, that continue to dream up new things every day
  42. Having a creative job is not really like any other job out there
  43. I go to work, every day, with the professional purpose to dream up new things
  44. In my job, dreaming isn’t a negative
  45. I’m hired to dream up new things
  46. And if possible, dream up new things that have never been done before
  47. You could argue that everything has been done before
  48. But what gets me out of bed every morning is the idea
  49. That that’s not true
  50. That out there, somewhere, is an idea that’s never been done before
  51. Just like Neil Armstrong, I explore the depths of space to discover new things
  52. As Star Trek said, to boldly go where no man has gone before
  53. Creatively, I believe it’s possible.
  54. I take inspiration from the dreamers of NASA, when everybody was telling them you can’t fly a tin can into space with humans in it
  55. And expect them to survive
  56. I take inspiration from the Burj Kalifa is Dubai
  57. When they said you can’t make a 2700 feet tall building
  58. And they did it anyway
  59. I take inspiration from the dreamers
  60. That believe anything is possible
  61. No matter how big the dream.
  62. OUTRO 
  63. This was Ask a Designer Anything. I’m Craig Burgess.
  64. Music featured in this episode was Words Or Silence 2 by P C III, Meadow by Little Glass Men, and Introduction beats by Itsensäsyöjät
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  66. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything